I can't believe it!  It's another Action Packed Weekend and I almost forgot to remind you!!

Tonight at the Wheaton Car Show in downtown Wheaton (from 6:30 – 9 pm), Estelle will be leading line dancing again!  The Dance With Janet group was invited back to dance and show some easy dances…yippee!!  The more people who see us having FUN dancing, the more people will try this FABULOUS hobby, and you know where that leads…happy faces, new friendships, and reduced waistlines.  That's a WIN/WIN!!!  So grab your Dance With Janet shirt and join the fun!  Read more about it at this Facebook Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/414625648654841/.

Also, the Cadillac Ranch Dance Team will be dancing BEFORE the Kane County Cougars game tonight (34W002 Cherry Lane in Geneva) , as it's COUNTRY NIGHT at the ball park!  The game starts at 6:30 and we have a couple of extra tickets if you'd like to join us.  We'll be entertaining the crowds just outside GATE 3 from 5:45 – 6:30 and staying for the game afterwards.  Take your pick on where you go…just make sure to dance!!!

One more thing – tomorrow night is our Warrenville dance (3S240 Warren Ave. in Warrenville) from 6:45 – 10 pm.  I'll be introducing Scott Blevins' newly revamped contra dance, Kickin' Back 2013 at 7:30.  I really hope you enjoy this one; it's danced to Every Little Thing by Carlene Carter, and oldie but goodie song.  I've been teaching it in a couple of classes, so there will be people sprinkled throughout the crowd to help out.  The 8:30 lesson will be Fill In The Blanks, another newer one for us, but previously taught by Bob & Denise Boyle.
You're all caught up now – have a fantastic weekend, and I'll see you on the dance floor!!! 

Janet Kruse

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