I realized a Facebook LIVE video I recently filmed cut out at mid thought!  Take a watch through the link above – I just did – and I couldn’t help but think, so then, Jan, what DOES it mean?

The concept of programming your brain for positive thinking, and “speaking good into existence”, and LIKE attracting LIKE, does NOT mean that if your thinking is as good as it can be, only wonderful experiences will come your way.  It doesn’t mean you’re exempt from heartache.  It doesn’t mean nothing will ever go wrong.  Would that it did!

It DOES mean that MORE wonderful experiences will come your way than if you don’t expect them to.  It DOES mean you will more easily be able to see the growth you can achieve THROUGH the heartache.  It DOES mean that when things go wrong, you won’t give up and think the world is conspiring against you.  It DOES mean your life will be BETTER.  So why not look on the bright side?

For instance: usually when I post a FB LIVE, a random shot is pulled for the video.  It’s usually of me with my face contorted in the awkward position possible.  Someday Facebook will pull a flattering picture of me, I just know it!  Like this time…the picture shown as the video’s opener is a great picture of me.  I expected that to happen eventually, and today, it did!!

And no, I don’t see the arrow (to push “Play” on the video) right in front of my face.  I didn’t even notice.

*:) happy *:) happy *:) happy *:) happy *:) happy


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See you on the dance floor – you are loved!!


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