Tuesday Dances

Join the DWJ group for ALTERNATIVE LINE DANCING every Tuesday – 75% split floors (a beginner AND intermediate dances done simultaneously, to the same song) & line dances called as needed! TWO line dance lessons are included in your $8 cover, Beginners at 7:30 & Intermediate at 8:30. It’s ALL REQUESTS night; choose from our lists of almost 200 line dances. Janet and DJ Jeff alternate MC’ing the evening. Pop & alcoholic drinks are available at the bar at very reasonable prices; it’s ok to bring your own water. See you there for Country PLUS (half to two-thirds country music PLUS pop and rock) – and DWJ cards ARE accepted!

For access to video reviews & step sheets of the dances taught, purchase your password for each calendar year through the following links:

Dancing At Wheaton VFW

Dancing At Geneva American Legion