I had one of the most fabulous Sundays yesterday as I attended the Wisconsin State Fair with a wonderful group of friends I met…you guessed it…on the dance floor!  I am so blessed to have met so many fantastic people through dancing.  We even ran into another dancer…who told me I would see him tomorrow night (meaning tonight).  He was referring to the Monday Salvation Army dance…which is NEXT MONDAY, August 13th.  July snuck in a fifth Monday, so our dances on the second & fourth Mondays of the month feel a little more spread out now, as it will be 3 weeks since our last Monday dance instead of two.  I feel a little mixed-up too – so I’m reminding us all that we will meet for open dancing NEXT MONDAY instead of tonight.  Cadillac Ranch features lessons by Don & Julie tomorrow, and open dancing afterwards, so you won’t have to wait till the weekend to dance…whew.

Yesterday at the Fair I was reminded anew of why country & swing dancing is so perfect.  There’s so much variety in the music and the type of dancing; we have so many choices, and we can dance to any song!  As we wandered around, we passed band after band playing…and we stopped to enjoy a few.  One venue featured a band singing, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, so we gals hopped onto the empty dance floor and danced the Tush Push line dance.  Another patron jumped up and joined us; how cool is that?  A couple of blocks away we passed a band playing a great Two Step…so every guy grabbed a girl and finished out the song on their dance floor!  As we approached The Racing Pigs (yes, you read that right) we heard country music again playing from the Double K Ranch restaurant…so we danced the Skip line dance, and then free style and stationary Cha Cha!  So even though we missed Cadillac Ranch’s Sunday Stampede, we still danced at the Ranch…totally fun!!

All that to encourage you to continue taking lessons and learning as much as you can – in the line AND couples dancing areas.  Go out dancing and practice.  You’ll meet new people, and become better friends with the people you’ve already met.  You’ll be exercising your brain and your body.  And when you’re out enjoying all these festivals & concerts, you’ll be able to dance!  When the music gets your feet to tapping, and you’re fortunate enough to have a partner with you, the two of you can dance together.  If you only can or want to dance by yourself, you can line dance.  With both types of dancing, bring on the euphoria; you just can’t beat it!


Janet Kruse

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