Good Morning; it’s another FANTASTIC day to be alive!

As we prepare for the weekend, I encourage you yet again to pace yourselves and not let the season’s “busyness” get to you and overwhelm you.  Yes, I am telling this to myself too…I can get very “freaked out” at this time of year, and you’d think I’d know better by now!  We need to remember that WE are in charge of our schedules – that’s why they are OURS.  If something isn’t working for you, or you hate doing it – either don’t do it, or ask someone close to you to do it for you or help you with it.  The world will not end.  My husband Jeff is putting up all the decorations this year (I will take them down – otherwise it’s not fair!) and that has helped me feel more stable this season.  Identify your problem areas, and deal with them…and then they won’t be so problematic!

This Saturday (as in TOMORROW) is our Christmas Show for those of you involved in Warrenville dances and/or classes.  Please visit the Upcoming Events page to get all the details.  I am really looking forward to our performances…it’s so exciting to be able to show off what we’ve learned!!!  Call time is at 11:50 am at Wheaton Warrenville High School South.  Don’t forget the egg nog! 🙂

And now…the moment you’ve been waiting for…the sequel to last week’s video, Helpful Dancing Hints For Men Only!

See you on the dance floor!!

Janet Kruse

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