After yet another stellar performance by the Cadillac Ranch Dance Team last night, I should be flying high!  We did, after all, spend the evening at the DuPage County Fair and dance (on the grass!!) to the Billy Croft Band, and had a fantastic time.  Yet this morning is my time to mourn…

As most of you know, Jeff and I work with Adopt A Husky (Siberian Husky Rescue), and today we lost two of the dogs we acquired from them, Daisy and Dandy.  We’ve lost dogs before – kind of hard not to when we’ve had over three dozen in the last 14 years – but never two at one time.  Daisy had lost her mate Donald two years ago, so we were glad she lasted this long without him.  Last night she simply collapsed and couldn’t get up again.  Dandy had been aging rather ungracefully, and it was time to release him before the same thing happened to him…he’d been wandering around aimlessly for months and had a lot of trouble standing.

We took both of these dogs in for their twilight years; they had been turned into rescue late in their lives because their owners simply didn’t want the inconvenience of looking after them anymore.  For the record, I don’t agree with that mindset.  Even though we only had them for a few years, we enjoyed our time with them – they came in housebroken, calm, and grateful for a soft bed.  Sounds good to me.  I will always take in senior dogs, and I will always recommend them!  These last few years with them have been wonderful and I will treasure the memories.

So…even though it is time to mourn, there are blessings to be counted and reason to be thankful (thank you, Jami, for repeatedly saying that to me!!)  It was worth it.  Even though it hurts, I will do it again.

Hug your furbabies, if you have them…and see you on the dance floor.



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  1. Janet, I am so sorry to hear of your sudden loss of Daisy and Dandy last evening. I have been a dog lover since I was just a child and I can’t see my home being complete without the sound of paws on the wooden floors. I also think it is great that you rescue Huskies. I couldn’t rescue dogs then give them to a forever home … I would get too attached to each dog I would rescue. My family would not appreciate having dozen of dogs running around, they complain with only two dogs around now.
    As you grieve, remember that you gave these senior huskies a wonderful, loving home for their remaining years. I am sure Daisy and Dandy are waiting for you at the rainbow bridge to show you they are young and energetic once more. Your memories enjoying your time with Daisy and Dandy will ease your grief in the coming months. Take care of your self.

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