You are NEVER TOO OLD (or young!) to dance!!!  If you’ve ever heard yourself saying that, take a look at this video of Maddie dancing the Sweetheart Schottische with Patrick.  Are YOU still thinking about learning how to dance?  Maddie isn’t – she’s out there!  Why don’t you join her??

The most popular country couples dance, the Two Step, is being taught for the next four Mondays, beginning tonight in Wheaton (208 W. Union) from 7:45 – 9 pm. We have a few extra ladies, so gentlemen, if you ever wanted to work on your two stepping, now’s your chance!  At least a dozen moves will be taught, and frame and leading & following will be explained in detail.  We’ll take care of registration on site.

Additionally, Windy City Line Dance Mania starts this Thursday night and runs through Sunday afternoon in Rosemont.  Registration information can be found here; we’ve reserved multiple rooms so if you are attending and get *happy* or otherwise unable to drive yourself home, sleeping arrangements are available.  The CADILLAC RANCH DANCE TEAM will be performing their number at the Saturday night show at 8 pm (no charge to see the show); hope to see you!  They are AWESOME!!

Due to the convention, WEEKEND CLASSES (Thursday thru Saturday) WILL NOT MEET

Beginner lessons will still be taught at Cadillac Ranch on Friday.  Gals, you will NOT be disappointed in the instructor…I guarantee it!!!!

So if you are still thinking about “this dancing thing” – start doing!

I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse



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  1. What you didn’t see in that video… At the beginning three or so rotations of the dance, Patrick would twirl Maddie around and she would excitedly exclaim at the end of each full turn, “Really?” As if she was thinking, is this really happening? It was so sweet and fun to see. In the time that it took to find someone to record this special dance, she was a Schottische pro. Amazing.

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