Happy Tuesday!

I’m so excited to share my all-time favorite event with you…WINDY CITY LINE DANCE MANIA!  Yes, I enjoy the couples’ weekend events, but THIS convention is a 4-day, 3-night GIRLS’ WEEKEND OUT!  It starts at 5 pm Thursday (the schedule and cost sheet is attached).  Since we’re dancing individually, there’s zero chance for any male/female drama…not that I’ve ever experienced any!  (Guess the secret is out now of why I enjoy line dancing)  I encourage you to come to the Crowne Plaza Hotel Rosemont and check it out.

YOU are invited to attend ANY OR ALL of the weekend.  Different level classes are offered so there’s no chance of getting in over your head.  The choreographers are the teachers; I’ve been privileged to meet the people who made up Country Shakin’ & Cool Whip, Lady Gaga & Stuff You Gotta Watch, Dizzy & Cut A Rug, Backstreet Attitude & Things To Say, Fresh & Party At My Place, Toes & Walking Away, and I Ain’t Never & Roomba, to name a few…it’s INCREDIBLE!  My Intermediate 2 gals have told me they plan to hang out in the beginners’ room so they don’t have to strain their brains…so if that’s where you’re thinking you should go, you’ll see people you recognize – Marcia, Peggy, Jackie, Rosemary, Liz, Cathy, Courtney, and Dawn & I will be there all weekend.  Please join us; this event is PROOF that line dancing is NOT DEAD but is back on the upswing.  Plus, I will be taking whoever is there that I know out to Giordano’s Pizzeria for my 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Dinner on Saturday evening – and I KNOW you’d like to join us for that!  So – do!!!

Since this party ends Sunday afternoon, it means:

  •     No Thursday Carol Stream class 10/4
  •     NANCY CORBIGE, my Beautiful Blonde Substitute, will be teaching for me this Friday 10/5 at Cadillac Ranch
  •     No Saturday Warrenville classes 10/6
  •     I WILL be back at Cadillac Ranch on Sunday 10/7 at 2 pm for FAMILY DAYS!!  Bring your kids to dance & eat!

Please make note of these changes and enjoy your time off if you don’t come play with us this weekend.

And finally, enjoy this happy video to end your day (guaranteed to make ya smile!):


Janet Kruse

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