What People Have Said

Since DWJ is all about teaching people to dance, it’s a good thing to hear from satisfied students!  The most gratifying thing to see is a person dancing who didn’t know how to dance before s/he attended classes.  WOW what a high!  Thank you, everyone who has said such kind words!  We are forever grateful to all of you, and SO VERY VERY HONORED to have met each of you!

Here are some of the wonderful things you’ve said:

“It occurred to me AGAIN that we are soooooo lucky to have you here for a dance teacher !!  Many people probably don’t realize what a treasure you are, and I doubt fewer still take the time to tell you …  Thanks for your classes, your patience, and your true dance spirit !!   Without your classes I know I would never get to do dances like Uptown Funk and Bang (or even understand tags and restarts).  It’s awesome that you give us so many current dances as well as all those step sheets and videos.  Your drive is amazing and I feel fortunate to be in your classes … and to know you !!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!!” -Linda O.

“You are the BEST teacher in line dancing!!!!! Really!!!! You are fun, enthusiastic, smiling and it is a real pleasure to see you coming…serious! Scott and I went to Cadillac Sunday and we were able to dance every pattern dance we learned this month!” -Marion O.

“I LOVE our teacher Janet Kruse.  She ROCKS !!!!!!” -Liz B.

“Thanks for challenging us with a waltz!!! I never imagined that I could ever learn something like that when I signed up for country line dancing at the WPD. You’re a great instructor. Thanks again, Jan.”  -Jeff W.

“Fake ID was really fun! Thanks for a great lesson!!! :)”  -Tressa L.

“I think you are a good teacher and you know your stuff.”  -Mary K.

“Thanks for the dance review .  You do a great job with them.”  -Terry J.

“I enjoy your lessons.”  -Dan M.

“I really enjoy your classes.  I find them challenging and fun!”  -Diana J.

“Thank you for being such a patient teacher!!!”  -Normajean P.

“I am in your Friday line dancing class.  LOVE IT!”  -Rita G.

“Good job on the videos.”  -Marvin E.

“We are glad to be back in your class.”  -Karen C.

“You are a wonderful teacher!”  -Sherry T.

“Last night’s lesson was really good.  I think it was a good confidence builder for everyone.”  -Linda U.

“I love the videos! Seriously, had I watched them before today I don’t think I would have been struggling so much.”  -Susan S.

“We love you, miss you and dancing is just more fun because you are our teacher!!  You’re the best!  Love having all these videos!  Keep them coming!  Thank you for all you do for us, you are the BEST!!”  -Sherri R.

“You are such a good teacher and kind soul.  A BIG thank you for teaching us. It’s obvious that you love dancing and have a passion to share it with others. Not everyone with skill, talent, and years of experience, however, has the ability to successfully guide novices. You are compassionate and encouraging, affirming and tactful, devoted and generous with your time, and you do not reveal a loss of patience or hope. This is why we have great appreciation for what you do. There are other lessons to learn on the dance floor besides the dancing, which makes it even more interesting relationally.”  -Susan K.

“Thank you so much for teaching fake id last night.  I know you were super nervous but you did a fantastic job of teaching it.  I also enjoyed the challenge, as you don’t always have dances that are difficult that I have to work on.  I felt like I got most of the steps but now just need to work on pattern and tempo.  You truly do an awesome job of teaching, especially hard dances to a large group and many different levels present.”  -Courtney B.

“Thank you, Jan, for everything you taught me!  I am making do with what northwestern Arkansas has to offer for line dancing, which isn’t much, but it wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t learned from you!  If I hadn’t taken your class, I honestly don’t think I’d even be dancing today!  THANK YOU!!!”        -Kimberly K.

“I love dancing! Thanks for being so friendly, nice, and welcoming”  -Anisa B.

“Thanks for making and forwarding on these videos. So helpful.”  -Julie C.

“You’re our favorite teacher!”  -Rosemary M.

“Thanks again for everything you have done in the past and are still doing now to ensure that we keep dancing — you’re the best!” -Kathy G.

“So glad to be your customer/student” -Barb B.

“You have changed my life – – for the very good! We are going to dance more than ever this year – thanks to you and all your line-dancing friends…” -Carol H.

“I have loved every minute of your classes & the fun & passion you bring to every one of them. You are a unique teacher & I look forward to many more classes!” -Peggy A.

“And YES – I LOVED THAT DANCE!  Lots of fun!  Also – the American Soldier Dance was beautiful!  Thanks for teaching these – and for all the great dances you teach at the Ranch!!!  So very happy we met!!!!”  -Dawn K.

“Thanks for taking time to send us the step sheets.  You are a GREAT teacher!!  We have learned so much in the past year. We are among those that didn’t even know the electric slide a year ago. Your humor and friendliness make every lesson fun.”  -Veta B.

“Keep up the good work… you make it fun :-)”  -Cindy H.

“I had a good time tonight.  You are opening up a world of line dancing at the real dance halls for me.”  -Charlene K.

“I don’t know where you came from, but I am VERY glad you are here!  You are so talented and make dancing even more fun than it already is.  Thanks.  You are an awesome dancer and instructor!”  -Sheryl T.

“You did such a great job on your you tube videos! It made me realize how lucky we are to have such a great teacher available to us. You really are fabulous at what you do!!!!”  -Bethany Y.

“Thanks for the you tube dances. I like the “follow me”.”  -John F.

“Thanks for sending the video reviews of the recent dances we’ve learned.  These are very helpful!”  -Sue K.

“Thanks so much Jan. I felt out of it for the first 3 times but Wed was a hoot. The common steps are coming together. Thank you for helping Patrice and I learn to country dance for a lifetime of fun.”  -Cotton B.

“Thanks for all the wonderful classes you have provided us!”  -Terry S.

“Thank you so much for making it so much fun. I am so happy to have found a place where I can go line-dancing and not have to have a “date” or go to a bar! I look forward to the new session!”  -Barbara B.

“This dance thing is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve gotten myself into. You and Gary and that tiny initial class gang is like a marshmallow right in the middle of my life.”  -David G.

“I also want to tell you that I think you do an AWESOME job of social line dancing in general !!  The Ranch is certainly VERY LUCKY to have you on-board.”  -Linda O.

“I absolutely love the line dancing classes” -Amy D.

“You are a wonderful line dance teacher.  I love the way you teach, it is so easy for me to learn the dances when you teach.  I really enjoy you.” -Joyce

“You are a fantastic instructor!!!” -Cathy W.

“You are an excellent teacher!  love ya” -Donna S.

“Thanks for being a great teacher, I’ve learned so much in a short time.  Dancing at the ranch makes me feel young again.” -Bonnie B.

“Thanks for the dance lesson!  It was a lot of fun and you are really an excellent instructor!!” -Troy P.

“Very nice instruction. Straight forward and clear.” -Robert R.

“I am a beginner and the instruction is great. thx.” – Bob W.

“Thanks for being such a great teacher and the support that you give me throughout the year! I really enjoy working with you!” -Ruth B.

“I couldn’t be happier with your lessons/parties in Warrenville + your website is A++++…I’ll continue to come to the Warrenville dance parties since I love that venue and can learn the lessons that are taught.” -Mary F.

“You are fabulous. Keep up the good work.” -Susan S.

“The way you teach is so clear and concise that any dancer would be comfortable learning from you!” -Susanna H.

“Thanks for your emails & your dancing! I think you’re terrifically talented.” -Coleen S.

“Janet Kruse is an awesome instructor and person. Thanks Janet for always greeting me with a smile.” -Svetlana S.

“You are a good teacher!” -Mary K.

“Thank you mush for interesting lessons, great music and videos” -Maria F.

“Class was great today – I really enjoy your teaching – you’re very good!” – Joanne G.

“Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm teaching and dancing.” -Maria F.

“I absolutely love my line dancing teacher Janet Kruse.  She is so nice and we have SO MUCH FUN in her classes!!!!” -Liz B

“I just want to let you know what a fabulous teacher you are and how you really make learning line dancing FUN!!!!  Thank you for your patience, sense of humor and excellent teaching skills!  You’re the best!  (;” -Linda Anderson

“Line dancing has changed my life…thank you.  I enjoy it.” -Nance G.

“Met you at the Cadillac Ranch. Love your classes. Thanks!” -Lisajoy Y.

“Thank you so very much for helping us out with our event on Sat. the 25th.  The line dancing was a BIG HIT and I hope you see some of our folks again at Cadillac Ranch.  Many of the attendees commented it was their favorite game stop  🙂 Thanks again!” -Shannon

“You’re an awesome instructor! Looking forward to new dances!” -Carol H.

“Today in Jazzercize class a couple women came up to me to talk about last week’s St. Charles line dance class.  Clearly I had missed out on a good time.  And one of them commented on how she has never met an instructor quite like you … how fun and yet supportive you are … you teach without being negative and hyper.  Thought you might like to hear that.” -Joyce H.

“Thank you for all you do. You bring the joy of dancing to so many. Without you none of this would be possible.” -Liz B.

“We are having so much fun!!!” -Kim M.

“Your classes are such a blessing…thank you for putting so much of yourself in them!!!!!” -Anne K.

I think you are a good instructor and I will try to make the class as often as possible” -Bonnie A.

“I am so glad I decided to give line dancing a try … and appreciate that you mix up the music.” -Joyce H.

“Wow-thank you for the Bridge Dance. First time in many years I could go out and successfully learn MANY dances in one night. For many years my life has been – Teach dancing, Teach violin, Teach piano, Go to bed, BORING.  Thanks for your help. I will keep bringing you more people.”  -Susan S.

Last updated: May 25, 2019