Hooray for another Marvelous Monday!! My weeks begin with a line dance class on Monday mornings, and since we have to deal with Monday mornings regardless, doing so with dancing is the BEST! I’m looking forward to another fantastic week – you are too, right?? I just had the best birthday week ever and sweet little Sophie finally joined our pack (picture attached – she came to the day job with me today!). Sophie is on 10 more days of restricted activity to make sure her knee finishes healing from her second surgery…but she and Nugget do not want to wait, when they could be playing! I posted a video of them wrestling on my Facebook page…take a look; they are adorable! We are constantly reminding them to take it easy. Having two youngsters in the pack sure has spiced up life!! Life is GOOD!!

Tonight Gary & I start our Two Step classes at Wheaton Park District from 6:45 – 8:00 pm (208 W. Union in Wheaton). As you know, Two Step can be a little tricky, but since it’s the most well-known couples country dance, we all really should be familiar with it. We regularly have extra people so if you don’t have a partner, come out anyway. We’ll go over the basics and spice up your moves! Don’t miss it; we’ll process your registration on site.

I’ve really enjoyed Josh Turner’s song, Time Is Love – so I’ll debut the line dance for that happy song tomorrow at Cadillac Ranch at 7:30. Ladies’ Night has returned so women pay no cover – the party is ON! See you there!

One other thing – Christmas planning has begun. On December 8th, the Warrenville line dance classes will be performing in the Christmas Dance Show at 1:00 pm. We participated in the summer show this past July and it was great fun! This means you are invited to dance with us if you have EVER taken a Warrenville line dance class (and scores of you have). Beginners will be dancing VOLARE to the song Christmas Rock, and intermediate dancers will dance BLUE NOTE to the song Winter Wonderland. Attire is BLACK BOTTOMS and Christmas colored or themed tops (black, white, red, &/or green – any combination). Save the date!!

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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