Even though snow is predicted tomorrow, it's a beautiful sunshiny day today! I'm amazed at how my moods reflect the weather; now I really understand why people move south to escape Chicago's unpredictability. But hey; variety is the spice of life! 

I know I'll see you all tonight at Tequila Roadhouse for dancing from 6 – 9, and then tomorrow at Fermilab from 7 – 10, so it's going to be a fun weekend yet again. Isn't it cool that we have so many options to dance in Chicagoland? But lots of new things are in the DWJ pipeline, so here were go!

Next week I'm debuting TWO NEW VENUES and I hope you'll try them out with me and give me your opinion. Tuesday from 7 – 10 we're dancing at the Cafe (Building 5), at the DUPAGE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS,  2015 Manchester Rd, in Wheaton. Enter through GATE S5 and go all the way to the end of the driveway and the cafe is on the right. It's a huge 6000 square foot building, so there's no excuse for bumping into anyone on the dance floor! On Friday, our BRIDGE Dance will be held at On Pointe Dance Academy, 956 N. Neltnor Blvd, in West Chicago (5 minutes up the road from Tequila Roadhouse) . This is the new location for classes with me and I wanted to share it with the whole group. The Dance Academy is actually two studios separated by a soundproof wall, and when we open that wall it'll be a 2000 square foot ballroom, with a genuine WOOD floor! 

Both these locations will have CAMERAS focused on the leaders' feet for both dances (intermediate on the left, if needed, and beginners on the right). The footwork will be projected on the wall and it'll be a lot easier to follow the line dance. Many of you have said you would like help remembering the dances; this should do it!

Also, our GIFT CARD PROMOTION ends on TUESDAY! If you reload your DWJ gift card with $100, you'll be rewarded with two FREE dances instead of the one you usually receive when you reload it with $80. Don't have a Dance With Janet card? Pick one up for half price through April 30th ($40 with one free dance). Of course cash, check, or charge are always accepted. I like to be accommodating.

Registration for the 5th Annual DWJ CRUISE is in full swing! With the recent price drop, inside cabins start at $570 (INCLUDING taxes and port fees). Our room block is OVER 1/3 FULL already! Take a look at all the details, including the registration form, at www.dancewithjanet.com/cruise 2020. I look forward to vacationing with you!

We've had a couple of class location changes, besides the Monday and Thursday classes of mine which meet at On Pointe Dance Academy. My 3:00 Beginner 1 Thursday class is now meeting at the Geneva American Legion at 2:45. Wednesday's Bloomingdale Beginner 1 class (taught by Cathy) will be meeting at Stratford Square for the next 2 weeks due to construction at the park district. Wheaton's Beginner 1 Wednesday class (with Julie) meets this session at Wheaton North High School – enter through Door 1; room 802. And the Wheaton couples class resumes next week, May 2nd, at 7:30 in the Wheaton Community Center. Nothing like keeping us on our toes!

WHEW! That's all folks; see you on the dance floor!!

Love ya!