Any other solitaire players out there?  This one is for you!  I play before I head off to La-La-Land each night, and recently my solitaire game offered me a new hook…The Daily Challenge.  OK, I play and win and receive a crown for the day I won on the calendar.  Coolio; I’m in.  It didn’t take me long to discover I was winning more than usual.  Could it be that each game in The Daily Challenge series is winnable?  I wondered if I could lose.

I didn’t have long to wait to find out.  One day, I lost.  So…I replayed that day.  To my surprise, the game was re-dealt EXACTLY like the first game.  Hmmm…I realized, as I played, that I had lost this game before, so I’d better play it a little differently.  I did, and to my further surprise…I WON.  Across my mind a thought flashed that actually made me gasp:  I COULD WIN WITH THE SAME CARDS IF I PLAYED THEM DIFFERENTLY.  Could that possibly be true in real life???

I am observing to discover the answer to that question.  So far, I think the answer is, SOMETIMES.  What has your experience been?  Have you had the same situation and dealt with it differently, and enjoyed a more favorable (read: winning) outcome?  I’d love to hear about it!!!

Dance Details:

  • While no performances are scheduled for this weekend, next Sunday, August 16, we have a double header, with shows at the Horseapalooza Festival in St. Charles, followed by the Carol Stream Pool.  Please visit and scroll down to the RED PERFORMANCE calendar for all the details, including attire & playlist.  I’d love to dance with you there; please join me in showing the world how much we enjoy dancing!!!
  • DVD Box Sets are being re-issued – stay tuned for details; so far they look GREAT!
  • Dance at Cadillac Ranch ( with me this Tuesday (Drunk On A Plane at7:30 & Shut Up & Dance at 8:30) & on Friday (County Line Cha Cha at 6:30, Honey I’m Good at 7:30, & Electric Slide at 8:30)
  • Sunday Nite Country meets this weekend, August 9th, in Warrenville, 3S240 Warren Ave, from 6 – 9 pm

I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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