Another week has begun and the heat is increasing regarding holiday preparations.  Is your sister-in-law done shopping already, and she’s peacefully eating bon bons by the fire as she sweetly gazes at the wrapped presents beneath the tree?  What a nauseating thought.  The more I ponder that picture, the more like a failure I feel (because I know somewhere that’s true!  But not at my house).  Here’s an idea…don’t think about things that get those inadequate feelings going!  When those images arrive, say NOPE, not going there; I’m going to spend my mental energies elsewhere.  Because you are NOT a failure – you are a SUCCESS!  You got up today, ate, dressed, & all that, right?  That’s successful.  Who says success needs to equal fame and fortune, and being ready for a major holiday 2 weeks early?  We are all successful in different, sometimes LITTLE, things…recognize those things and encourage yourself with them!

Here’s a success story I’d like to share – about two dozen people performed in the Christmas Show this past Saturday, and they gave STELLAR performances!  The auditorium was full, the audience applauded; it was a blast!!  Thank you to ALL who attended and danced (and thank you too to their friends & families who came out to support them)!! And if I missed listing anyone’s name…just shoot me!  Here’s the holiday cast:

The beginner group who danced Volare to Toby Keith’s “Christmas Rock” is (L-R)
Standing:  Sherri Ronstadt, Joe Jarocki, Karen Taylor, Kim Vejseli, Sue Jarocki, Linda Kulinski, Phil Brackmann (in back), Michael Brancato, Barb Clark, Janet VanderVeen, Rob Ryan, Barb Kilton, Chuck Taylor
Kneeling: Beth Young, Linda Olson, Evelyn Li, Courtney Blum, Jackie Alexander, Rosemary Mayka
Not pictured:  Peggy Rechka, Kelly Palmatier

The intermediate group who danced Blue Not to Sugarland’s “Winter Wonderland” is (L-R, plus a couple of extras)
Standing:  Sheryl Trotz, Peggy Rechka, Phil Brackmann, Jackie Alexander, Sherri Ronstadt, Rosemary Mayka, Beth Young (in back), Rob Ryan, Michael Brancato, Joe Jarocki, Kelly Palmatier
Kneeling: Kim Vejseli, Linda Olson, Courtney Blum, Sue Jarocki, Evelyn Li

Other items to note:

  • Our Christmas Dance in Warrenville is THIS SATURDAY 12/15 from 7 – 10 pm – $5 cover; dance all your favorite dances to CHRISTMAS SONGS!  Pull out your holiday outfits and feel free to bring a dish to pass.  Let’s make it an all out party!
  • Our Class Field Trip (for couples AND lines) is this SUNDAY DECEMBER 16 at Cadillac Ranch ($12 for all-you-can-eat buffet, 2 drinks, & dancing or $5 to just dance) from 6 – 11 pm
  • I’ll be checking out Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill SATURDAY DECEMBER 29 at 7 pm….wanna join me and strut our stuff???  We’ve got about a dozen people already planning on it; I’d love to have you join us.

And once again – CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of you on ALL your successes!!  I will see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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