CHANGE is in the air in the Dance With Janet community! As with every area of life, change has its pros and cons. But never fear. We just have to get used to a few new items on the schedule, and all will be well. Growing pains are called "pains" for a reason, after all. We will soon settle into this new normal without a second thought.

First off, we are still dancing at TEQUILA  ROADHOUSE on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month! The crowds have been there and everyone is happy. BUT the times have been changed to 6 – 9 pm, with THREE easy lessons from 7 – 7:30. Open dancing precedes and follows the lessons. Every beginner dance (facing the stage, on the right) will be danced by the leader on the stage, so they will be very easy to follow.  An intermediate dance will also be led on the left side of the stage as needed. Generally, after our time of dancing, a band will take the stage. If you like dancing to bands, I encourage you to stay and do so! Tequila Roadhouse has committed themselves to being a venue where bands play and people dance, so why not?

Second, the 3:00 Beginner class which has been meeting on THURSDAYS at the St. Charles Park District is being moved to the Geneva American Legion from 2:45 – 4 pm on Thursdays, STARTING APRIL 25th. This class will be a Beginner 1 level group which I will teach, and in it you'll begin to go through our six sessions of Beginner 1 curriculum, as we do in all our Beginner 1 classes. It will be a DROP-IN CLASS, so you can pay $8 as you go, whenever you attend. Dance With Janet cards, credit cards and of course cash will be honored, as they are at all drop-in classes. The only other daytime Beginner 1 class we offer is on Fridays at Front Street Dance Studio at 1:00, which is also a drop-in class. I hope you find this additional Thursday class helpful as another daytime option for you.

Third is the change of location for my MONDAY Wheaton classes. The Beginner 2 5:30 class and the Intermediate 7:00 class are being moved to ON POINTE DANCE ACADEMY, 956 N. Neltnor Blvd. (Rte. 59) in West Chicago (about two miles south of North Avenue and just south of Aldi) for the next SIX WEEKS beginning Monday April 15th. These classes will also be DROP-IN CLASSES following the same format as explained above. 

Fourth, I will post on Sundays what dance I will be teaching each week for the Beginner 2 and Intermediate classes so you know which will be the new one presented in each of those levels (Beginner 2 and Intermediate ONLY). Each class will be a little different, but I will be presenting that same NEW dance at each level all week. You can expect to see this new information on Sunday on Facebook and Instagram. 

Fifth, to introduce On Pointe Dance Academy to everyone, I'll be hosting a BRIDGE Dance there on FRIDAY MAY 3rd, from 7 – 10 pm. This venue is a 2000 square-foot Ballroom with a WOOD floor, so I hope you'll come join us; you're gonna LOVE it! We will be debuting another alternative to assist you with your line dancing: the leader's footwork for each side of the room, intermediate AND beginner, will be projected onto the 12:00 wall so it will be easier for you to see their footwork. This will help you be able to follow along with the leader and dance even if you're not super sure of the steps. The goal is to get you dancing as much as you want to, after all! 

Finally, Easter is next week. Lessons will be held on Monday as usual, and we will dance at the Wheaton VFW on Tuesday. Courtney will be covering the 5:30 Intermediate drop-in class, which will meet at On Pointe Dance Academy, the Wednesday class will meet at Bloomingdale, and the Thursday classes at Darien & Butterfield will meet, but other than that all classes and dances are canceled for Easter week. So, no classes or dances Wednesday through Saturday of Holy Week except for the ones listed above. 

There's actually more to report but this is quite enough for now! Hope to see you today at lessons and tomorrow at 6:00 at Tequila Roadhouse! Did I mention TR offers half-priced appetizers from 5 – 7? No need to have dinner before you dance; catch it there!

See you on the dance floor!