Happy 2017!  At 12:00 am January 1st, 2017, I was "worshiping the porcelain goddess", which was not my first choice of things to do while celebrating the beginning of an new year.  Apparently I'd picked up a bug that caused an upset stomach…and produced the unforgettable experience of getting rid of the old year's garbage to make room for the new year's goodness.  I didn't know I needed such a graphic lesson, but I can be a pretty slow learner.  I'm now ready for the FABULOUS experiences of 2017 – are you?  I love it that we get so many chances to start over, and learn from the past, so we can make better choices in our future!

I've been spending time re-evaluating what Dance With Janet looks like, as I've been off for four weeks recovering from surgery.  Part of that involved deciding where we'll be dancing in 2017.  As you know, I tried MULTIPLE dance halls last year, and sometimes even I couldn't remember where we were going to be on which night.  In an effort to streamline and choose venues where attendance is best, I've made the following hall selections for 2017.  Please note the following schedule changes for DANCES (7-10 pm, except Sundays):

  • Wheaton VFW every Tuesday
  • Geneva American Legion on the 2nd & 4th Fridays
  • Warrenville Park District on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays
  • Fermilab's Kuhn Barn on the 4th Saturdays (and the occasional Friday night)
  • Warrenville Park District on the 2nd & 4th Sundays (6-9 pm)

Updated calendars have been loaded onto my website, and I'll have them available at the dance tonight at the Wheaton VFW.  I know my choices might not be the cat's meow to all of you, and for that I apologize.  I believe these are the best options for the Dance With Janet community, where most of us go and have the best energy.  If you haven't tried these locations, I hope you'll do so!  We really have fun at all these different halls, and in all but one, the floors are WOOD!  That's unbeatable – and easy on the knees.

As always, I wish you the best, both on and off the dance floor.  It's time for the best!  Let's "make it so!"

I'll see you tonight in Wheaton shortly!


  • Have you “LIKED” my Dance With Janet  Facebook page, along with the OVER 16,000 fans who have?  Pop on over to www.facebook.com/dancewithjanet and click the “LIKE” button to keep up on what’s new!  All the photos from dances are posted to my Facebook page, as well as the PHOTOS tab of my website
    • The BEGINNER DROP-IN CLASS at the Izaak Walton Center (899 Jay Street in Elgin, $7) will resume on JANUARY 10th
    • The “brain cramper” intermediate line dance lessons BEFORE the dances on Tuesday willresume JANUARY 10th with BANJO
    • Thursday's "Attic" class which meets at the Wheaton VFW will meet with Courtney to practice dances this Thursday, January 5th . I will resume teaching it on JANUARY 12th
    • Friday morning’s St. Charles class resumes JANUARY 6th with Courtney back at the Salvation Army.  I'll be teaching it  again starting JANUARY 13th
  • I had a hysterectomy on 12/5 and so will not be dancing UNTIL JANUARY 9th as I recover.  It has been a L-O-N-G month off, let me tell you, and I have one more week to go.  I'll be at the scheduled dances, but just to visit.  I'm feeling better and am looking forward to resuming classes again on JANUARY 9th, although I might be a little slow the first week or so.  Thank you all for your cards, texts, visits, and emails encouraging me during these weeks of healing.  I love you ALL and miss you like CRAZY!  I'm definitely wearing waterproof mascara my first week back!!
  • We'll be dancing at the Warrenville Park District again this weekend – SATURDAY  & SUNDAY!  It's been a long time but we're back!  Hope to see you there. Visit the Upcoming Events page of my website for a full list of where you can Dance With Janet

With love,


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