With all the changes going on in the world today, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of doing things that are part of your NORMAL life. While change is inevitable, too much change – like what’s happening in this new covid world – has been proven to cause anxiety & depression on an elemental level in the human psyche. Hence the importance of GOING DANCING for us Danceaholics! It’s a NORMAL part of our routines!

Julie, one of the ladies who dances and teaches with me, regularly encourages me to do just that. I can get so wrapped up in the mechanical pieces of dancing, like teaching & scheduling, that I neglect the nourishing pieces of dancing, like visiting and encouraging (aka PLAYING). Julie coordinated a dance outing in Hoffman Estates last night, and I was stunned at how many dancers were there, ones I regularly see, and ones from days gone by. It was SO REFRESHING to talk with so many of them. I spent so much time catching up with people that I barely broke a sweat on the dance floor.

THANK YOU all for coming over to me to make your presence known; with the fading daylight, I wouldn’t have seen many of you. It did my heart such good to re-connect with so many of you and find out what’s going in in your lives. I had so much fun; thank you ALL, especially Julie, John, Charisse, Phyllis, Ron, Char, Cathy, Fran, Carmi, Jen, Larry, Marie, Betsy, Bill, Renee, Pete, Diane, Sandy, Karen, Keith, Marty, and of course The Blonde!!! 


REMEMBER: YOU are in charge of your life. How much you do to nurture yourself is YOUR CHOICE. Do what you must to care for yourself, as your happiness is up to YOU!! And if that means going dancing, then for Heaven’s sake, get your backside off that couch and onto the dance floor!!!

Here’s a dance time you can attend from home, to get you back into the swing of things:

Beginner 2 Saturday lesson:

  • County Line Cha Cha by Unknown
  • Swamp Thang by Max Perry
  • Come Dance With Me by Jo Thompson-Szymanski

Love you SO MUCH!!!