I say it all the time:

You made a great decision to take dancing lessons!  Not only will your coordination improve, but you will enjoy moving around to different types of music without the “I am exercising; when will this be over?” mentality.  You have the flexibility to adjust your movements to fit your abilities and preferences, and there are no line dancing police who are constantly checking to see if you’re doing it “right”.  If you’re vertical, facing approximately the right direction, and enjoying yourself, YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT!

And vastly more important that that…You will meet people in this dancing community who will become lifelong friends.  Really!

Our Field Trip yesterday at Cadillac Ranch was an absolute blast!  It was wonderful seeing so many people out dancing and socializing with each other.  I love watching the friendships develop, and I know it will just keep getting better as time goes on.  If you missed the party, never fear – we do this all week long!  It’s awfully hard to get about 30 people all together for a picture; telling them to stop dancing is like wishing the wind would stop blowing.  It’s a fantastic problem!

L-R Sitting: Michael, Rebecca, Birthday Boy Rob, Jay, Janet K.  L-R Standing: Mike, Ruth, Steve, Cheryl, Janet V., Laura (in the pink hat), Dorothy, Karen D., Courtney (in purple), Bill, Lenny (in the sombrero), Garry L., Diane, Debbie, Terry.  Not pictured: Jeff W., Jeff K., Cathy, Sharon, Gary L., Karen M., Sue, Jamie

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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