Even though the sun burns me to a crisp in seconds, I still prefer sunny days to rainy ones.  Winter is doable because even though it's cold, it's usually sunny.  But now?  It seems to be a never-ending dreary, rainy time…but chin up, although it's raining, it's raining JANETS!!!

I used to know no one with my name…not now!  Meet Janet Jou (L), Yours Truly, and Blonde Janet (R, of course, duh).  I've been dancing with them both for well over a year now and I enjoy their company very much – as I do all of you!

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week already.  That means it's time to start cooking, cleaning, planning, and shopping…yippee!  It also means we break from dance classes.  Salvation Army will meet tomorrow the 22nd and then re-convene Friday, January 17th.  Monday classes will meet on 11/25, but then NO CLASSES until the following Monday, 12/2.  

The Cadillac Ranch Dance Team will be dancing in the Wheaton Christmas parade at 6:00 pm the Friday after Thanksgiving.  The parade will start at/around the Leisure Center (208 W. Union) and progress south on Wheaton Avenue and east on Front Street.  Come brave the cold and admire how we can dance without coats in 25 degree weather!  (I cannot wait for this…)  And if you would like to help out, we could still use a few people to hand out fliers and candy.  Diva will be there sporting her Christmas attire…all in all, it will be great fun!

Aside from dancing, the best part of my "job" is meeting people.  Thank you ALL for enhancing my life so much…especially The Janets, who are extra special because we share the same name.  I love you all y'all!!!!  So remember, just as Gary Allan sings – "every storm runs out of rain" – and the weather will soon brighten up.

Keep smiling and I'll see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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