The 6th anniversary of my father’s death was last week, and it really threw me for a loop.  He was such a nut and I loved him so much.  I didn’t realize how significantly it would upset me yet again…every year I think I’ll not be so shaken with memories, and every year it happens anew. Thus, I only have a quick update for you right now…

We will be performing as The Dance With Janet Dancers TODAY at the Turtle Cove Water Park in West Chicago at 3 pm.  Please wear your DWJ shirt and BLUE DENIM BOTTOMS; call is at 2:45.  Visit and scroll down to the RED PERFORMANCE calendar for details (click on today’s date).  We’ll be enjoying ice cream after the show like you see Kate and me doing – and we can swim if we want to as well; just bring your suit, of course.

See you on the POOL’s dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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