I did not write this, but it's worth passing on:

"If you don't know your purpose, your life is being dominated by the purpose of someone else. THIS is why purpose matters.

Said another way; your life is being pushed by the strongest purpose in your environment just as a boat is pushed by the strongest current in its immediate environment. If a boat doesn't create force on its own, the waves dominate where it will go."

I'm looking at "purpose" as a verb, as in, to have as one's intention or objective.  I intend to work hard and play harder, and God has brought other like-minded people into my life who share that purpose!  My objective is also to encourage others to stretch and feel better about themselves, and I'm seeing happy people around me – YIPPEE!!!  So y'all are doing what you enjoy, and you are enjoying what you are doing – keep up the good work!!!!!  I'm glad your boat have motors, and you're not being aimlessly pushed around in life…right? <wink>  I know there's more to life than dancing, but I think you get my drift.

We had a big group of committed dancers come to Warrenville a couple of weekends ago (I totally lost track of time…) for two demos during their Art Festival.  Our time dancing was less than we thought it would be, yet everyone smiled and danced fabulously.  Thank you ALL for your time and energies!  The dancers who were at the afternoon demo are pictured below; and there was a bunch with Estelle for the morning demo too!!!  You are simply the BEST!!

First Row, L-R: Dez, Carmi, Blonde Janet, Estelle, DIVA THE DANCE WITH JANET MASCOT (isn't she cute??), Sue, Kim, Sherri, Debbie's granddaughter, & Debbie
Back Row, L-R: Chris, Cathy, Becca, Rob, Dan, Joe, Michael, Bill, Janet, & Steve

This weekend's festivities include:

  • Friday 10/4 at Cadillac Ranch (1175 W. Lake Street in Bartlett), 7 pm – ??? (ISLAND SONG at 7:30 & BACK IN THE DAY at 8:30) – $5 cover
  • Saturday 10/5 Warrenville Open Dance (3S240 Warren Avenue in Warrenville), 6:45 – 10 pm (LITTLE RUMBA at 7:30 & CRUISIN' at 8:30) – $5 cover – special guests, the CADILLAC RANCH DANCE TEAM, performing between lessons
  • Sunday 10/6 at Cadillac Ranch for FAMILY DAYS, 2 – 5:30 pm (EASY lessons every half hour) – special guests, the CADILLAC RANCH DANCE TEAM, performing between 3:30 – 4:00
  • Tuesday 10/8 afternoon at Emerson Elementary School in Wheaton, 2:45 – 3:25 pm (let's get those young kids interested in DANCING!!) – contact Estelle at estpeabody@aol.com for more info.
I'll see you somewhere on the dance floor…it is our purpose in life (or at least one of them) after all, isn't it?? 

Janet Kruse

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