Intermediate 2 Lessons

Intermediate 2 Volume 1


Line Dance Junkies Only!
We’ve got some monsters in the social dance world here. You will really focus dancing the dances included in this volume! These are lots of fun and will have you whirling all over the floor with multiple turns in each dance and complex rhythms.

Intermediate 2 Volume 2


The Tougher The Better
Are you a line dance addict? You’ll want to learn these dances if you are. Choreographed by today’s top choreographers, these dances will have your head spinning, as well as the rest of you. Enjoy!

Intermediate 2 Volume 3


The Latest & Greatest
The dances in this volume are the ones which have stuck with the intermediate dancers in 2017-2018.  You will see these dances done as part of most evenings’ playlists every week.  Grab a copy today so that when you come dancing in the western Chicago suburbs, you’ll know all the dances we do!  They’re fun, but hard to pick up on the floor!

Intermediate 2 Box Set


53 Complete Lessons! Featuring The Most Commonly Danced Intermediate 2 Line Dances
Learn In The Privacy Of Your Own Home So You’re Ready To Dance!

Intermediate Online Lessons


Over 100 dance lessons & step sheets are posted, with more added every week. In these video review lessons, I go over each set twice and then run through the entire dance without music.