Intermediate 1 Lessons

Intermediate 1 Volume 1


Classic & Challenging
The dances on this volume have been danced in the Chicagoland area for quite some time. They are the next step up from the Dirty Dozen, and require more line dance knowledge. If you are comfortable with line dancing, make sure to learn all of these.

Intermediate 1 Volume 2


You’re Gonna Work!
I’ve introduced these dances to the Dance With Janet community over the past few years and they have been very popular. However, they are complicated. Make sure you are comfortable with changing rhythms during the course of a pattern within a song.

Intermediate 1 Volume 3


Ready To Think?
Enjoy the roughest of the Intermediate 1 dances. You’ll get mixed rhythm and unique combinations in these dances to recent songs. Make sure you are comfortable with line dancing or you will be frustrated.

Intermediate 1 Box Set


51 Complete Lessons! Featuring The Most Commonly Danced Intermediate 1 Line Dances
Learn In The Privacy Of Your Own Home So You’re Ready To Dance!

Intermediate Online Lessons


Over 100 dance lessons & step sheets are posted, with more added every week. In these video review lessons, I go over each set twice and then run through the entire dance without music.