Beginner 2 Lessons

Beginner 2 Volume 1


The Dirty Dozen
Learn the most commonly danced dances in the Chicagoland area, hands down. No matter what dance hall you frequent, these classic dances will be played. This volume has all you need to know!

Beginner 2 Volume 2


Familiar Steps, New Combinations
When you hear a catchy song, you just want to move to it! This collection features 17 such songs. The patterns will be easy to pick up as long as you are familiar with line dancing.

Beginner 2 Volume 3


Current Country Dance Faves
These dances are danced to specific songs, which are mostly the same name as the dance. They are crowd favorites. While mostly country, a few other popular songs are hits in the dance community too!

Beginner 2 Box Set


51 Complete Lessons!
Featuring The Most Commonly Danced Beginner 2 Line Dances.  Learn In The Privacy Of Your Own Home So You’re Ready To Dance!

Beginner 2 Online Lessons


Over 100 dance lessons & step sheets are posted, with more added every week. In these video review lessons, I go over each set twice and then run through the entire dance without music.