Beginner 1 Lessons

Beginner 1 Volume 1


Just The Basics
Everyone likes to dance to the music; let me help you get started. The patterns in these dances are not fancy. You’ll be stepping on the beat in 18 easy-to-learn patterns. Try these dances with any of your favorite songs; they work with all kinds of music.

Beginner 1 Volume 2


Easy Plus A Little More
The dances in this volume introduce triple steps. The combinations are still easy to learn and remember. If you’re ready for a little bit more then the “brand new” level, this volume is for you.

Beginner 1 Volume 3


Entry Level Spiced Up
People who are new to dancing will still not be intimidated by the dances on this volume. You’ll be able to master the patterns, but you will have to think a little bit. Try these fun dances today!

Beginner 1 Volume 4


Even More Dances, With A Twist
These patterns are still easy to memorize but have a little more meat to them.  You’ll have a bit of a challenge with them but won’t get a headache.  The 17 dances in this volume are for those who still like easy patterns but are not brand new “baby” dancers.

Beginner 1 Box Set


69 Complete Lessons!
Featuring The Most Commonly Danced Beginner 1 Line Dances.  Learn In The Privacy Of Your Own Home So You’re Ready To Dance!

Beginner 1 Online Lessons


Over 100 dance lessons & step sheets are posted, with more added every week. In these video review lessons, I go over each set twice and then run through the entire dance without music.