Ever want to go out for an evening and enjoy live music?  But your feet might get to to tapping, and then you may want to dance.  What to dance, though?  And alone, with all those people around?  You've got to be kidding.  BUT…when you are part of this dancing "gang", you have an instant group of friends with which to do just that.  That's the power of community!

A group of dancers met at the Wheaton Vintage Car Rides Show this past Friday for Country Night and strutted their stuff.  Estelle led the group and taught a few easy dances, and everyone danced together – even the non-dancers who had just showed up for a night out on the town!  The dancers helped the crowd figure out what they were doing, and now more of the world knows how much fun this is!

And they are, L-R:  Jackie (with purse), Carmi (pink shorts), Estelle (denim shorts), Janet (denim shorts with straw hat), Jami (pink top), Jeff (black shirt), & Brendan & Tressa (dancing together)

Not pictured:  Michael, Rob, Ruth, Dan, Amy

To view more pictures from this event, visit the photos page.

Watch them in action: click here

Want to do it again?  Contact me at janet@dancewithjanet.com and let me know where you'll be.  I'll post it, and you're sure to have some dancing company at your next festival appearance.  Let's show the world how happy we are dancing together – couples AND lines.  That's the power of community

See you on the dance floor…or street!

Janet Kruse

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