Happy Tuesday!  The happy people pictured above are (Standing L-R): Kelly, Blonde Janet, Joe, Sue, Marge, LaVada, Linda O., Leslie, Karen, Sherri, Linda W., Beth (Kneeling L-R): Janet, Kim, Michael.  They voted for their favorite performance group – Dance With Janet – and guess what??  We WON!!!  (Proceeds to be divided forthwith!!)

Thank you all SO MUCH for attending Double Two Rich’s memorial this past Friday.  Marcia was so touched; we encouraged her greatly.  The time you spent with her meant the world to her, I know.  Donna Jonas created a beautiful memory board which I’m sure comforts Marcia immensely.  Courtney videoed about twenty of you sharing your memories of Rich that I’m sure his family will much appreciate.  Your time was well spent; thank you.

If you are free today, please come to the Assisted Living Building at the Holmstad Retirement Community (700 W, Fabyan in Batavia – enter through the Michaelsen building, which is the most southern building farthest from Fabyan) for a 2 o’clock performance for their residents.  Call is at 1:45; we will be performing in the Willow Dining Room, which is accessible through the Michaelsen building.  The floor is a smooth carpet so DO NOT WEAR SUEDE SOLED SHOES – street shoes should suffice.  Wear your Dance With Janet shirts if you have them, though, please!  Our dance list is as follows:

  • Imelda’s Way to Inside Out
  • Cruisin’ to I’ve Got A Feelin’
  • Come Dance With Me
  • K Step Boogie (in contra) to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
  • Volare
  • County Line Cha Cha to Blessed
  • Waltz Across Texas to Their Hearts Are Dancing

Additionally, we will dance at the Art On The Prairie Festival at the Gazebo in Warrenville just outside the Warrenville Community Building (3S240 Warren Ave; the gazebo is in front of the library) from 2 – 2:45 pm.  Call is at 1:30.  Wear your Dance With Janet shirts and denim bottoms if at all possible, please.  Our dance list is as follows (when “floor” is split, as we face the audience, the BEGINNER dance will be on the LEFT and the INTERMEDIATE dance will be on the RIGHT):

  • Funky Slide/Timber (to Timber)
  • Love Repeats (to Love You Like A Love Song)
  • Hootenanny (to Farm Party)
  • Cut A Rug/Imelda’s Way (to Inside Out)
  • Sugar Kane (to It Happens)
  • Cowgirl’s Twist/Happy (to Happy)
  • Tush Push (to Should’ve Been A Cowboy)
  • I Walk Alone (to I Walk Alone)
  • Cupid Shuffle
  • Electric Slide (to It’s Electric)
  • Stupid Dance (to Burning Love)
  • Cha Cha Slide

We’ll be inviting the audience to dance the last 4 numbers with us, as you probably guessed.

The Cadillac Ranch Dance Team will also perform at Art on the Prairie at 2 pm this Sunday the 14th, followed by Sunday Nite Country at 5:30.  It’s a busy week as we wrap up the performance season.  Thank you for “strutting your stuff” for the world; it puts a smile on people’s faces, and lighting up peoples’ lives is what it’s all about!!

See you on the dance floor,

Janet Kruse

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