Can you believe it? Only yesterday it was January 1st, 2012, and we had the whole year ahead of us – with 359 days till Christmas – surely a lifetime! Those 50 minute class periods of American History took FOUR lifetimes to pass by, so a year must certainly take forever. But here we are: Christmas is over, trees sit discarded at the street curb, and New Year’s Eve is two days away. How does that happen? One milestone is over, and another looms ahead…and if you blink, you’ll miss them! Kenny Chesney’s song “Don’t Blink” certainly rings true. So enjoy every moment! By fully living in the present (instead of complaining about the past or fearing the future) we can reduce those moments of regret for time passed.

Christmas this year at our house was the best one in recent memory – we were all together, and that doesn’t happen often when the “kids” are attending 3 different colleges! Left to right are Jessica (second year grad student at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary), my hubby Jeff, Katie (senior at Anderson University), me, & Adam (freshman at Eastern Illinois University). Aren’t we cute?

I always approach New Year’s with excitement AND trepidation. I look back & ask myself, did I get everything done I wanted to last year? Are our finances in any better order? And most importantly – did I outgrow my clothes? (Not yet to that last one especially but I’m working on it…the chocolates have been EXTRA sweet this year! Sigh) Looking ahead, I ask, can I improve this upcoming year? I’m so glad I can start over every January 1st & try again. The key is paying attention – living in the moment – and not just being surprised at how much time has passed. I’m encouraged to have another year to try again!

I’ll be trying out Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill in Rosemont tonight at 7 pm – come join me! Otherwise, you’ll hear from me again next Thursday – after I’ve recovered from New Year’s Eve!!

Seize the Day, and Happy New Year to you ALL!!

Janet Kruse

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