Good Morning!

Thank you again for continuing to dance with me during this shutdown.  It has TOTALLY kept our brains sharp and engaged, hasn’t it?  This new normal isn’t as weird as it used to be; I’m impressed that we’ve adapted so well.  GO US!!

I heard people enjoyed the choreographer-themed dance classes in January & February, so I decided to continue them through March.  Reminder:  Each of these virtual dance experiences is recorded at no extra charge to you, and you’ll automatically be sent the recording, as long as you’ve registered for the class.  Instructions on how to participate are at  As before, I’ve taught all these dances over the years, so the video reviews are already posted in the Members Only area of my website.  To become a member, visit and click the “Not A Member?  Buy Now” link on the left.

All Intermediate Monday or Wednesday classes may be ordered individually through the end of March.  Starting in April, they are offered in a monthly bundle.  

Monday 3/1/21 (3 Dance Teaches – Larry Bass)
Sneakin’ Back In
Askin’ Questions
Keep ‘Em Comin’
Dream Weavin’ (cool down)

Wednesday 3/3/21 (5 Dance Review – Trevor Thornton)
Coconut Water
Out Like That
Double D
Little Honky Tonk Bar (with Kelly Cavallaro)
Crank It Up

Monday 3/8/21 (3 Dance Teaches – Johanna Barnes)
All You Need Is Me
Sugar Honey I. T.

Wednesday 3/10/21 (6 Dance Review – Darren & Amy Bailey)
Country Bump
Ex’s & Oh’s
Lonely Drum
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (with Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Guyton Mundy)
Lay Low

Monday 3/15/21 (1 Dance Teach – Judy McDonald)

Wednesday 3/17/21 (6 Dance Review – Peter Metelnick)
Knee Deep (with Allison Biggs)
Rockin’ Robin
Mambo No. 5 (with The Mambo Maniacs)
Down On The Corner
Turbo Twang (with Max Perry)
Speak With Your Heart (with Allison Biggs)

Monday 3/22/21 (3 Dance Teaches – Judy McDonald)
South Side Shake
Back In Town
Country Shakin’

Wednesday 3/24/21 (6 Dance Review – Judy McDonald)
After Midnight
South Side Shake
Back In Town
Cool Whip
Country Shakin’

Monday 3/29/21 (3 Dance Teaches – John Robinson)
Hottie on Two

Wednesday 3/31/21 (6 Dance Review – John Robinson)
Flatt Out Dance (with Junior Willis & Bracken Ellis)
Cliché Love Song (with Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Guyton Mundy)
Hottie on Two

PLUS…Courtney & I will be broadcasting a VIRTUAL INTERMEDIATE DANCE on Friday, March 5, from 7 – 8:30 pm ($10).  We realized we needed a dance recorded with a lot of the new dances (read:  old ones that have been re-introduced and stuck) so you could practice!  Please join us; here’s the playlist:

  1. Walking Away by Rachael McEnaney
  2. Cliché Love Song by John Robinson, Jo Thompson-Szymanski, & Guyton Mundy
  3. Levels by Will Craig
  4. Weekend Ruined by Rob Holley
  5. Out Like That by Trevor Thornton
  6. 50 Ways by Pat Stott
  7. Back It Up by Dancin’ Terry
  8. Sippin’ & Tippin’ by Craig Miyamoto & AJ Meyer
  9. MJ Moves by Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Michelle Peron
  10. Honky Tonk Highway by Kelly Cavallaro
  11. Have Fun Go Mad by Scott Blevins
  12. Keep ‘Em Comin’ by Larry Bass
  13. Kill The Spiders by Gaye Teather
  14. Men In Black by James O. Kellerman
  15. True Love Two Step by Jo Thompson-Szymanski, Michael Barr, & Michele Burton
  16. Banjo by Lynn Card
  17. Knee Deep by Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs
  18. Speak With Your Heart by Peter Metelnick & Allision Biggs

I’ll keep seeing you on the virtual dance floor!!

Love ya!