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Congratulations to ALL of you who have continued dancing with me!  You found me!!!  Does it feel like we’re touring the Chicago suburbs together?  I had no idea it would be such a challenge to find the perfect place.  However, I think I have…and it’s gonna be QUITE THE NIGHT!  This Friday we’re dancing in West Chicago, and we’ll be introducing a new concept of dancing:  couples AND lines, simultaneously, with in the same room, on two different floors (as in two different areas within the same room).  Did I say this place is BIG?  It’s HUGE, with a separate bar area.  Try it out, and make sure to let me know what you think!!!

It doesn’t look like the new Cadillac Ranch – which is now the Lucky Star – will be adding Tuesdays back into their offerings.  If we want to continue dancing on Tuesdays, we’ll have to go elsewhere.  Therefore, I’ve made some long-term arrangements for Tuesdays.  As of May 10, the LITH American Legion Post 1231 will be replaced with the Elgin American Legion Post 57 (NOT the VFW where DJ Dave holds his monthly Sunday dances).  We will still dance in LITH in April as scheduled, on the 12th & 26th, but in May the second & fourth Tuesdays will move to Elgin.  The first and third Tuesdays will remain at the Wheaton VFW Post 2164. Even though the Wheaton location is little snug, it was a perfect fit for us.  The veterans have offered hot dogs and chips as well as pizza for dinner options for us.

I’m negotiating with two different halls for Fridays.  Ideally I’d like to alternate Fridays with South Elgin & the West Chicago VFW 6791.  Both have the two floor option for us.  Arrangements should be finalized by the end of this week.

Thank you for your patience and your dedication to dance as all this gets worked out!


  • We will be dancing at the Warrenville Senior Health & Wellness Fair this Tuesday, April 12th, from 10 – 10:30 am.  Please wear your DWJ shirt and blue jeans.  Anyone who has the urge to dance is welcome!!!  Dances include:
    • Waltz Across Texas
    • Jo & Jo Tango
    • Imelda’s Way
    • Come Dance With Me
    • Wagon Wheel
    • Uno Dos Tres
    • Shut Up & Dance
    • Blue Night Cha
  • NEW to line dancing?  I’m debuting a BRAND NEW BEGINNER 1 CLASS starting APRIL 11th (that’sTONIGHT) at the Wheaton Leisure Center, 208 W. Union in Wheaton, from 5:30 – 6:45 pm.  CONGRATULATIONS to Wheaton’s Wednesday Beginner 1 class (which meets from 5 – 6:15), which will be GRADUATING to Beginner 2 starting April 13th!!  Woohoo!
  • Our next Warrenville Dances are SATURDAY, April 16th (7-10 pm) & SUNDAY, April 24th (6-9 pm) at the Warrenville Community Building, 3S240 Warren Ave.   Saturday’s dance will follow our new format of 4 – 5 lines/3 couples, based on who is in attendance.  As previously stated, we are encouraging lines AND couples dancing at all the dances from now on.  $5 cover includes 2 line dance lessons, at 7:30 & 8:30; you’re welcome to bring snacks.  Dance alternating sets of Couples and Lines at Sunday Nite Country following the format of the Stampede on the 10th ($5 admission; dinner served from 5:30 – 7 for an additional $5), and will be PRECEDED BY 2 HOURS OF COUPLES LESSONS BY JULIE & DON OR LINE DANCE LESSONS BY YOURS TRULY, from 3 – 5:15.
  • Warrenville’s Saturday class is moving to Thursdays at 7 pm, effective this Thursday.  Any unused punches on your punch card can be applied to the Thursday class, which my daughter Kat Warner will teach.
  • We’ll be performing AMERICAN POP Saturday, April 30th, at 1 pm at Hubble Middle School.  Please wear your DWJ shirt and blue jeans.  Call is 12:30 on the stage.
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  • The 3rd Annual Dance With Janet Cruise 2017 details have been finalized!  Check out all the juicy details & book your cabin at www.dancewithjanet.com/cruise2017.


See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse