Meet The Instructors

Janet Kruse

Janet always wanted to dance, and finally started in the late 1990’s. After years spent in country dance halls & classes, she joined Dance Encounter in 2006. She studied Ballroom & Latin dances, and was trained how to teach. After realizing a preference for Country & Swing music over Ballroom and Latin, she settled into teaching Country Couples & Line Dancing. Once class locations in Park Districts were added in 2008, Dance With Janet was officially born.

Betsy Maaks

Bonnie Marr

Bonnie hit the dance floor with Janet hard in 2014 and never looked back!  She mastered all the dances in record time.  People naturally followed her, so she pursued teaching, which was the next logical step.  Bonnie is a regular substitute instructor for Dance With Janet classes.

Cathie Friedel

Cathie has been dancing with Janet since 2012.  Her infectious laugh and positive outlook have contributed to her nickname, “Bubbles” which she certainly lives up to. She takes great delight in sharing her hobby with new dancers and it’s very evident to see!  Cathie teaches Beginner line dance classes in Itasca, Darien, and West Chicago.

Carol Hentschel

Cathy Dugan

Cathy began dancing with Janet in 2013.  Though a bit on the quiet side, she is a natural leader, and people instinctively listen when she speaks.  Her dedication and passion for dancing is obvious and inspiring. Cathy teaches Beginner line dance classes in Elgin and Bloomingdale.

Courtney Blum

Courtney walked into Janet’s bar in May of 2010 and was instantly mesmerized by country dancing. She remembers every dance she ever learned, and now handles the DWJ website and everything Janet can’t (or won’t) do. We would be lost without her. Additionally, Courtney is a substitute instructor for Dance With Janet classes.

Julie Schroeder

Julie has been dancing with Janet since 2016.  She quickly realized this was the hobby for which she’d been searching, so she started dancing 3-5 nights a week.  She is so friendly and easy going that she fits right in with any group.  Julie teaches Beginner line dance classes in Wheaton.

Karen Moutvic

Karen started dancing with Janet in 2013.  Once she discovered how much fun dancing was, she made sure to hit the floor 2 – 3 nights a week, without fail.  She’ll dance whenever she hears a song that moves her, no matter where she is!  Karen teaches Beginner line dance classes at Front Street Dance Studio and Butterfield Park District.

Kim Spath

Kim and Janet met on the dance floor in 2015. Their paths didn’t cross too often in person, but Kim’s passion for dancing kept her in the Dance With Janet community. She put her positive outlook on life to good use and wasted no time starting a dance group in her community in the northern Chicago suburbs.

Magaret Madary

Pam Schumacher

Pam began dancing with Janet 2013.  Her gift is encouraging people, so teaching them how to dance comes very naturally to her.  She’ll show new dancers what to do and have them loving every minute of it!  Pam is a regular substitute instructor for Dance With Janet classes.

Rob Ryan

Sherry Martinez

Sherry was trained in the Dance With Janet method of teaching in 2017.  She is busy establishing a line dance community near her home in western Texas, near San Antonio.  You can find her at  Email her at for information on classes in that area.

Meet DJ Jeff Kruse

Jeff alternates DJ’ing with Janet at dances. He has been DJ’ing since 2010, and his strength is in Country music. He is also well-versed in other music styles, especially Jazz, Latin, and Big Band, and has DJ’ed weddings and countless other events. Contact Jeff if you would like him to DJ your event.

What People Have Said About DJ Jeff:

“Just wanted you to know what a great job you do as a DJ. You have become so relaxed and comfortable managing the sound system lights and video. It is always a great time when you are running the show.” -Terry J. & Debbie A.

“Jeff did an amazing job at our wedding. He was so responsive and prepared for our day. I did not have to worry about one thing. He took care of it all! Jeff made our wedding flow perfectly from the music before the ceremony, to the ceremony, cocktail hour and the reception. We received so many compliments on Jeff, I think he got every single one of our guests on the dance floor. I cannot say enough good things about this DJ. I would highly recommend.” -Emily