Someone told me just last week, “You’ve got it all together.” Now THAT is ludicrous! I immediately burst into disbelieving laughter. What was even funnier was that the person who said it should have known much, much better.

I don’t have it all together. I’m playing this game of life as well as I can, just like everyone else. I’m in a season of shattered dreams right now, with major problems in every area of my life, and sometimes I think I’m going to snap.

My dad used to quote Norman Vincent Peale – or Robert Schuller – or whoever said it, all the time: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Well, I don’t want to be tough, I just want all these problems to go away, and life to be smooth sailing again. Not a tall order at all, huh?

But life IS cyclical…seasonal…and these tough times will pass. Until then, I listen over and over again to Avalon’s song, Hide My Soul:

Here I am with nothing left to say
How can I even speak?
All my dreams life scattered
Like ashes beneath my feet

Can you see the pain behind the smiles
The tears run down my face
Will the sun ever shine on me again?

Where can I hide?
Where can I hide?
Where can I hide?

I will hide my soul in Jesus
I will rest my heart in Him
When the storms of life rush over me
I will not let them in

There will be no pain in heaven
But for now and until then
I will hide my soul in Jesus

Now I know there’s nothing I can do
Nothing that I can say
You alone are the anchor of my soul
Don’t let me slip away

I hope you are comforted by this song, as I am, as you go through your own trials. God is in control and I trust Him.  To think I am alone, and the only one struggling…Now, that’s ludicrous. The sun WILL shine on us all again. Let’s tie a knot into our ropes – and hang on!

Janet Kruse

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