It’s the second week of January and for me, the new year has officially begun – and I am so glad. The holidays are over, the Nashville adventure has come to an end as the last team member finally got back home, and the diet has begun. It’s time to start over, and focus on the promise of a better 2014 than 2013. I’ve never been as optimistic for a new year as I am this year.

Classes resume today everywhere, including couples Double Two classes in Wheaton immediately following the Intermediate 1 line dance class. That’s Rob escorting Diamond Caryn around the dance floor – don’t they look just like Fred and Ginger?? Look at them go!

The best news to report is that Chris and I competed the Double Two lesson videos and they have been posted, so after class you’ll be able to review what was taught, just like with line dance classes. The lessons are also available as a separate online class if you can’t attend in-person. We’ve also filmed the Pattern 1 class (which starts Thursday in Warrenville) and it too is available online. Woohoo!!

So jump right back into dance class – you can register onsite, no problem. I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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