It’s a Monday in the middle of summer, and I’m sure many of you have spent your fair share of time enjoying musical performances, whether it’s Tim & Kenny in Chicago in the scalding heat or James Otto inside at Cadillac Ranch.  Doesn’t it make you want to move?  You know how to dance – but do you know which dance to do when you hear those great songs?  As you ponder how much you enjoy dancing, I respectfully submit my opinion of the answer to one of life’s most puzzling questions, “Which Dances Should I Know?”


Couples have it “easy” – aside from the gentlemen having to impress their ladies with all kinds of fancy moves – in that their “FAB FOUR” will keep them dancing to most songs.  We should all be in a continual state of learning these dances to be comfortable with them:


What about Lines?


If you don’t know what dance to do, try these:

The Fab Four
Watermelon Crawl
Tush Push
Slapping Leather

These six dances will work with pretty much ANY song:

The Essential Six
Fab Four PLUS
County Line Cha Cha
Waltz Across Texas

And finally, Every Line Dancer Should Know:

The Dirty Dozen
The Essential Six PLUS
Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Electric Slide
Baby Likes to Rock It
Reggae Cowboy
So pull your boots back on, and grab one of the countless opportunities to dance!  Tonight we host at St. Charles Salvation Army from 6:30 – 9:30 (Gary & I are teaching with DJ Jeff, details on upcoming events page) and tomorrow is Classic Cadillac at the Ranch from 7 pm – 4 am (Julie & Don are teaching with DJ Dave).  See you on the dance floor…dancing new dances, and enjoying the staples!

Janet Kruse

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