Wow, do I love to dance.  I enjoy line dancing in particular, because I am in control of the dance.  As a recovering control freak, I find this helpful!  I do enjoy couples dancing, but let’s face it, when you dance with a gentleman, he’s in control.  I’m ok with that…but at times I need my space fully controlled by ME.  Line dancing fits the bill!!

  • I can push myself to memorize the dance pattern, or be lazy about it, so I can control my brain.  Sometimes I start singing along with the song that’s playing (this happens rather more often than sometimes, actually) and then I choose to indulge the “la la la” part of me…and then my brain doesn’t do so well with the dance pattern I’m supposed to be dancing.  But still – this is my choice, and it’s a little choice that I relish – and no one gets hurt when I play this game with myself.  Should I sing or dance?  Can I do both?  It depends…boy, I’m easy to amuse, aren’t I?
  • I can control my movements.  I believe that line dancing makes us better dancers, especially better couples dancers, because if we concentrate, we can control our spins and center of gravity and frame and all that fun stuff.  That all carries over into couples dancing, and even if we only line dance, the best line dancers are in total control of themselves physically.  I am intrigued by that endless challenge.

Here’s a clip of me dancing a snippet to one of the best line dances ever, Fake ID (choreographed by Jamal Sims & Dondraico Johnson, from the 2011 movie, “Footloose”).  I’m the one in the front row in the purple cowboy hat.  Hey, you wanted to see if I really could dance, didn’t you?  So now you know.

I would love to dance with you at an open dance.  Check the Upcoming Events tab for a complete schedule.  Dances I have taught at the various locations within the last 2 months are also provided there.  

If you’d like help learning line dances, I teach line dancing to small groups at several locations.  Click here to get the details.

In October 2012, I had the privilege of dancing and teaching a dance that two of my students, Courtney Blum & Cathy Feltz, choreographed and entered into the choreography competition at the Windy City Line Dance Mania Convention. Enjoy watching this clip of us demoing the dance for the judges.


 Line dancers dancing I Brake for Brunettes.


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