Rob Ryan has been dancing with me for quite a while now and has recently “graduated” to harder dances.  Meaning he had joined the intermediate line dance class(es)…and has a tale to tell about last Monday’s class that is guaranteed to get you chuckling.  I had to share it – enjoy!

“The buzz about Janet Kruse’s Intermediate Line Dance class:

In class last night, we were minding our own business when something happened to shake it up. Right around sundown, after opening the windows for some fresh air, a HUGE bumble bee flew into the dance room. I think I heard someone nickname it Slick Willie, but we had no time for any wanna bees, and I personally had no desire for it to come dance with me.

With our hands up, we tried to scoot it out of the room. We tried this & that, but after wave on wave, we were left dizzy, and maybe a little weak in the knees. Under different circumstances, our running around might have made for a kool dance, but this time it was really more of a stupid dance.

Because she’s all that, Jan kept a cool head the whole time, saying, “Let’s just dance“, which we could all respect. She has such a knack for keeping everything easy.

While dodging the bee, I was wishing that I had a shotgun, or at least a cherry bomb. Michael on the other hand, was cooler than me. With moves like Jagger and without askin’ questions or walking away, he decided, “I can take it from there!” His actions said, follow me, so I took a moment to catch my breath, took one step forward, and decided to roll with the wind and help him out. I don’t remember how long it took, but we eventually corralled the little troublemaker in the back room.

So in the end, there’s still a place to dance, and things like bees are just stuff you gotta watch out for. As always, it was a good time!”

I should say that Rob was part of the couples group that played an AWESOME April Fool’s joke on me last month.  Gary pulled me aside for some nonsense, and when I returned, they were all lined up in those huge black glasses with the big nose & black mustache…and they started dancing the Stupid Dance!  It was hysterically funny, especially when the glasses started flying off peoples faces as they really got into the dance.

All to say that these are the kinds of people you meet dancing, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  THIS is the life of a line dancer…so SIGN ME UP!

And did you catch that in Rob’s story, the words in red are the names of the dances we’ve done?  I personally was brokenhearted that the little feller didn’t get jackhammer stomped, but when I requested that, I was told, NOT YET – the guys decided to back it up into the extra room instead.  Oh well…the victory line is, The Bee has skipped town!

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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