What are we allowing in???

Posted by Dance With Janet on Thursday, August 10, 2017

Recently, I posted a short 3 minute Facebook Live Video talking about the "Garbage In, Garbage Out" concept.  How we act and think is in direct correlation to what we allow into our minds.  It was well-received, so I'm delving in a little deeper.  Click here to watch the video (shown in a screen shot, above).

Have you ever noticed how testy you feel when you read a book that's a thriller of any type?  Or how upset you are after a conversation that's laced with drama or negative news?  What about how afraid you are to take a shower after watching Psycho? Or, my favorite, how tight your jeans suddenly are after weeks of eating pizza and ice cream?
In all cases, what we allow in  – through our brains, ears, eyes, or mouth – affects us.  Our experiences change our feelings, our aura, our faith and trust, and our weight, as well as others parts of us.  They influence our ATTITUDES, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our senses are gateways to our SOULS, and should be GUARDED!!  If we allow the wrong stuff in, it will MESS US UP!!

In short, I encourage you to pay attention to where you spend your time.  What do you watch?  Who do you talk to, and what do you discuss?  What are you reading?  Negative input creates a person who is far from his or her potential.  By exposing ourselves to experiences which discourage us, or limit our effectiveness, we are crippling ourselves.  Don't allow that!  Instead, have wholesome conversations with healthy people.  Watch movies or TV where the characters SOLVE their problems instead of beating each other up or killing each other.  Read books that are uplifting, educational, or cheerful.  Eat well, and limit that pizza!

And watch how much better you start to feel and act!!  Life will improve INSTANTLY!


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See you on the dance floor – you are loved!!


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