It sure is a thrilling day!!  I’m going outside (and following the rules about it, too – remarkable!!) and I CANNOT WAIT!  Bonnie and I are going for a walk (6 feet apart of course and I will resist the urge to hug her), and then we are going to dance “baby dances” (aka easy peasy line dances) for THIRTY MINUTES at THREE O’CLOCK on a Facebook LIVE!  Visit my Dance With Janet FB page (  to join us virtually.  I’m thinking of doing this every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday…why not?  Let’s make the best of this!!

Other exciting news:  Download ANY PLAYER(their logo/picture is above) from the Microsoft store to play the videos from me which you download onto your computer.  It’s FREE!  Have you attended dances or lessons, and been annoyed when the recording you received didn’t sync up?  ANY PLAYER (yes, that’s its name) will solve that problem.  Thank you, Dianne, for this info!  Your  14-year-old son saved us all!!!!!  Please pass our thanks to him!!

A reminder of the schedule for tomorrow and Friday:

Thursday 4/2 (Beginner 2/Improver) from 7:00 – 8:30 pm CST, $8

  1. You’re Beautiful by Lynn Card (warm up)
  2. Half Past Tipsy by Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney (new dance re-teach, danced twice) 
  3. Tragedy by Lynn Card (new dance re-teach, danced twice)
  4. Lay Low by Darren Bailey (reviewed)
  5. Dream Weavin’ by Larry Bass (reviewed)
  6. Senorita La La La by Julia Wetzel (reviewed)
  7. All About That Bass by Gail Dawson (reviewed)

Friday 4/3 (Intermediate Dance) from 7:00 – 9:00 pm CST, All dances run through once, $10

  1. You’re Beautiful by Lynn Card
  2. Crazy Foot Mambo by Paul McAdam
  3. Ex’s & Oh’s by Amy Glass-Bailey
  4. Adventure 45 by Ria Vos & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
  5. Zjozzy’s Funk by Petra Van de Velde
  6. Rebel Just For Kicks by Ria Vos
  7. Redneck Angel by Cheri Litzenburg & Renae Filiou 
  8. Tragedy by Lynn Card
  9. Who’s Up All Night by Brandon Zahorsky
  10. Devil in Me by John & Bonnie Newcomer
  11. Uno Dos Tres by Sherry McClure
  12. Sittin’ Pretty by Craig Miyamoto
  13. Footprints on the Water by Joanne Brady & Jill Babinec
  14. Get Wild by Jo Thompson Szymanski & Maddison Glover
  15. Take It From Me by Lynn Card & Rob Holley
  16. Double Scoop by Jill Babinec, Derek Steele, Rosie Multari, & Debi Pancoast
  17. Dizzy by Jo Thompson Szymanski
  18. Lay Low  by Darren Bailey
  19. Men In Black by James O. Kellerman
  20. Soul Shake by Fred Whitehouse
  21. Lady Gaga by Michele Perron
  22. Turbo Twang by Max Perry & Peter Metelnick
  23. Blue Note by Jan Smith
  24. Country Bump by Darren Bailey

In case you forgot:

  • All events will begin at 7:00 pm CST as it’s easier for us all to remember
  • Register at (if using your DWJ card, enter the DWJ card number in the credit card number box, 12/99 for the expiration date, & 111 as the CSC code)
  • You will receive recordings of virtual live lessons or dances within 24 hours
  • DOWNLOAD RECORDINGS FROM DROPBOX for better synchronization and play them with ANY PLAYER from the Microsoft store
  • Try plugging in an amplifier into your computer or connect your computer to your Bluetooth speaker to help you hear the music better (the speakers in your phone, computer, or tablet may not be strong enough to project)
  • Registration for Virtual Events Will Close at 5 pm CST

Again, please Touch Base TODAY with me from 12:30 – 1:00 pm at this link; I love talking with you!  No password is needed:

I am praying for the Lord’s protection over you all!!

Love ya!