Can it be?  Is Cadillac Ranch, the almost 25-year old country bar which set the standards for every other country dance hall around, really closing?  Sadly, yes.

As you’ve probably seen on Facebook, or heard through the grapevine, Cadillac Ranch’s last evening open will be March 26th, 2016.  As they’ve stated, they intend to reopen in mid-April under a new concept.  What that will be is known only to them at this point.  Will country music be played?  Will lessons be offered?  Will familiar faces still be there?  Right now, only those working for the corporate office, A La Carte Entertainment, know.

Take a deep breath.  Anything can happen.  What we all know is that we WILL dance, somehow, someway.  It might be in the same dance hall, and it might not.  Things will change, that much is certain, and change is always a dicey proposition.  What else is certain is this:


Things have a way of working out.  It’s not over till it’s over.  I’ve said those things before, and I’ll say them again.  Trust and wait; have patience.  All will be well.  Hey, I’m not dead yet, and neither are you.  We’ll figure something out.  Consider yourselves virtually hugged. 🙂

Chin up!  And I’ll STILL see you on the dance floor – at Cadillac Ranch this Friday (tomorrow), Tuesday the 22nd, & Friday the 25th.  Let’s dance together!

Janet Kruse