No doubt I can be SLOW!  You’ve been asking me to introduce DVDs of lessons, and my standard answer is, “Lessons are online!”  It’s really disconcerting knowing there are videos of me on the internet…around the world…yikes!  Talk about moving my cheese.  I try not to think about it, but when I’m asked to create and distribute DVDs of lessons, that’s a little harder to ignore (once they’re done, of course) – because I carry them with me and then I’m thinking about it!  I am definitely outside my comfort zone!

All that to say that I really do listen to you, and I’ve decided to bite the bullet and honor your request, even though it’s uncomfortable for me (have I mentioned that??).  The first batch is DONE!  Courtney, Chris, & I have created four DVDs so far (Lines – Beginner 1 Volumes 1 & 2, and Couples – Patterns 1 & Double Two).  At $20 each, these are the PERFECT way to get started dancing!  Instead of looking at videos on your tablet or computer, you’ll be able to dance in your living room watching that huge TV you just bought.  21 lessons are on each line dance DVD, and the couples’ DVDs are the complete lessons of the classes Chris and I have taught in person.  Bonus introductory instructional videos are included on all of them.  These are the SAME videos which are offered online (, just presented on a DVD.  The links to purchase them online should be live by the end of the weekend, and I’ll have them with me at TONIGHT’s dance in Warrenville, as well as everywhere else I go.  Please let me know what you think; I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

So, folks, do you feel encouraged?  You are pushing yourself to dance when it’s new, scary, and nerve-wracking.  I feel the same way about introducing DVDs!!! We’ll do this thing TOGETHER, ok??!!

See you on the dance floor!!

Janet Kruse

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