Are You Ready To Become A DANCE INSTRUCTOR?

My Instructor Training program will help you build and develop a dance community in your area. Ever since I learned how to dance, I thought if more people knew how to dance, they’d love it as I did.  I’ve found that to be true.  As I have taught more and more people to dance, I realized my dream of sharing dancing all over the world could definitely become reality.  I’ve developed this course to show you how YOU can be part of it.  For those of you who like to dance and would like to have a dance community in your area, but don’t – the wait is over!  You soon will.  I’ll show you how…it will start with YOU.  It will involve new behaviors…with new individuals..and a new understanding of people – maybe of yourself! Your world will expand, your employment may change, and your circle of friends could multiply…it’s up to you.  You can do as much or as little with the information I’ll provide you as you wish.  One thing I will GUARANTEE:  if you implement my system, YOU WILL DANCE WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE IN YOUR AREA.  I will be with you every step of the way, and I personally will be available to answer your questions.  I have done this, and I am still doing it.  YOU CAN, TOO!


I have created a program that is truly Dance With Janet‘s Business In A Box, where I share with you how I’ve been able to teach full time and successfully share dancing with THOUSANDS of people.  It synergizes what dances are being taught within the line dance community.  It improves how instructors TEACH so people can learn to dance more easily!!!!  And it shows you how you can do exactly what I have done, as your own company, if you so desire – WHEREVER in the WORLD that may be.


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The knowledge you gain will definitely put you on the Dance With Janet teaching team, if you wish.  I have more classes in the queue than I can possibly teach myself.  Requests for new classes are now coming in WEEKLY from all over the country…and training people is the only way to meet the demand of people who want to learn how to dance.  It is a VERY EXCITING time to debut this training, and THE BEST time to be a dance instructor!!!  I am THRILLED to share this information with you!!! 


What You Will Learn:

* Lesson 1 – People’s Psychology
* Lesson 2 – Creating The Dance With Janet Community
* Lesson 3 – The Mechanics Of Teaching – Part 1
* Lesson 4 – The Mechanics Of Teaching – Part 2
* Lesson 5 – Gigs
* Lesson 6 – Basic Dance Steps
* Lesson 7 – Triples & Turns
* Lesson 8 – Step Sheets (Learning & Choosing Dances)
* Lesson 9 – Hosting Dances
* Lesson 10 – Marketing
* Lesson 11 – Entrepreneurial Logistics
* PLUS Weekly Q & A


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Five ladies – Debbie, Karen, Cathie, Pam, & Kim – jumped on the bandwagon for the first Instructor Training program. I’ve included videos with them so you can hear their thoughts about what they learned.  These videos were filmed using Facebook LIVE, and were totally unscripted.  I simply asked them for their opinions.  Take a listen to what they have to say to see if this program is for you!


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What’s Included In Your Training Package?


* 12 Hours of Live Training (Attend In Person or Virtually)
* Videos & Manuals of the Live Training
* 6 Complimentary Line Dance Classes or 6 Hours of Video Coaching Calls
(If Not Local)
* 6 Months Complimentary Access To Instructor Facebook Group
(For Follow Up Support) – $25/Month Thereafter
* Complimentary Access to All Levels of Members Only Videos & Step Sheets
through the year in which you take the course
* Rate of $49/year for all three levels of Members Only Videos & Step Sheets
beginning January 1st, 2018.  Regular price is $99/year per level which totals $297; that’s a savings of $248!



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Are YOU Ready To Get Started?
TWO Options Available (Attend In Person or via Streamed Access)



2 Day Weekend Event In Chicago Area
Please join me in my home for this seminar.  Lunch will be provided both days. –
Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM & Sunday 9 AM – 5 PM
March 30th & 31st, 2019

September 28th & 29th, 2019


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 It’s Time To Change The Future Of Country Couples & Line Dancing!


Are You With Me??


Become A Dance Instructor TODAY!



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All For A Simple One Time Payment of $797 or Two Payments of $420