Have you ever wondered how dancers know where to go?  Of course they’re told the general guidelines in dance classes, but the picture above explains it in even more detail.  All dancers are expected to know, understand, and follow the information shown, so please spend a few moments studying it. Just like the song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers says, gentlemen definitely impress their partners with their dance floor etiquette!  Although a busy dance floor looks chaotic, it is in fact quite organized.

Following the flow of traffic on the dance floor eliminates collisions, just like on the road, air, or sea.  No one wants to be trampled, and everyone wants their own space in which to safely dance.  Partner dances that progress ALWAYS dance counter clockwise around the perimeter of the floor, and line dancers ALWAYS dance in the middle of the floor.  Thus, both can dance simultaneously, and safely.  The main thing to remember is to mind the DJ, who truly is the MC of a dance.  If the DJ calls a couples dance, then the couples have the right of way, and line dancers are welcome to dance in “their area” in the middle, but must be EXTRA sensitive to the couples rotating around them, and stay out of their way.  Likewise, the reverse is true.  When we all share the dance floor and dance in our areas, everyone feels like they have space.

At some dances, only line dances are called, and at others, only couples dances are.  In those cases, the guidelines are much more simplified.  BOTH types of dancing can occur simultaneously on the same floor if we pay attention, are courteous, and follow the guidelines presented.  

Enjoy, and happy dancing!  See you tonight dancing at the Geneva American Legion!


  • We’ll be dancing at the Wheaton VFW every Tuesday from now on EXCEPT JANUARY 24th The Wheaton VFW had a schedule conflict, so we’ll be dancing at the WEST CHICAGO AMERICAN LEGION on JANUARY 24th, 123 MAIN ST. IN WEST CHICAGO from 7-10 pm.  It’s a huge hall!   Visit the Upcoming Events page of my website for a full list of where to Dance With Janet
  • Have you “LIKED” my Dance With Janet Facebook page, along with the OVER 17,000 fans who have?  Pop on over to www.facebook.com/dancewithjanet and click the “LIKE” button to keep up on what’s new!  All the photos from dances are posted to my Facebook page, as well as the PHOTOS tab of my website
    • The BEGINNER DROP-IN CLASS at the Izaak Walton Center (899 Jay Street in Elgin, $7) will resume on JANUARY 24th and run on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month
    • The “brain cramper” intermediate line dance lessons BEFORE the dances on Tuesday  has resumed  I’ll be teaching BANJO on 1/17 and ASKIN’ QUESTIONS on 1/24 & 1/31

Love ya!

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