He’s gone…Uncle Al (above, with me), my California Birthday Buddy, who always made me feel special with calls during the year. He had so much love for everyone, and was a substitute father for me. His loss leaves a permanent void in my heart.

He’s gone…my real father…10 years ago this past July. We worked through our daddy/daughter issues and became friends; I have no regrets. I’ll always miss him.

He’s gone…after 6 years of trying to work things out with Chris, we’ve agreed to permanently go our separate ways. I’m done being used by The Lying Playboy.

Boy, that last one sure sounds just like the first two, huh?  Obviously not all men are created equally. 

Thank you all for understanding as I travelled to California this past week to attend to Uncle Al. I appreciate your flexibility as I cancelled classes. I am returning to California on the 7th for his funeral and will return in time for the dance on Tuesday, September 10th. My Monday classes on the 9th will still meet and will be covered by Karen (in Hanover Park) and Courtney (in Wheaton).

Because of the timing of the funeral, THE PRE-CRUISE PARTY IS RESCHEDULED from Saturday September 7th to SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd. We will still meet at my home from 2 – 6, with the question-and-answer time starting at 3:30. Please note this change.

Life is hard, but God is good. Everything’s gonna be ok.

Love ya!