Chocolate, cookies, and peppermint flavored egg nog..sigh, what a holiday season!  Trouble is I now have to lie flat on the bed to zip up my jeans.  Guess I’ll be back to Zumba Sue’s class after all!  Or pole dancing class…or any kind of dancing class!  (You knew that was coming.)  Here’s hoping everyone’s celebrations were just as wonderful, and that you’ll enjoy working those pounds off on the dance floor of your choice.

I was talking with Rick last night at Cadillac Ranch, and he marvelled at how much FUN it is to go dancing.  I quite agree with him…and we both counted our blessings that we’ve discovered social dancing & become “Danceaholics”.  How many people really have fun on a regular basis any more?  Going to work is usually not at the top of the fun list.  Being home watching TV isn’t horrible, but is it really FUN?  Vacations are fun…but if I only get to have fun once a year on a vacation, count me out.  I watched the floor from the DJ booth last night, and saw dozens of people laughing, and scores of smiling faces.  People were talking with each other, and of course dancing with each other (and practicing their spot turns).  Now THAT is FUN!

We had an opportunity to share this fun with our kids yesterday – The Ranch hosted Family Days, which is a tradition once lost, and now found again.  There is nothing like meeting the kids of the people we hang out with; it is such a kick!  The wonder in the eyes of a child as s/he really sees Mom & Dad’s hobby is simply priceless.  What’s really cool is a dad dancing with his daughter…as she continues dancing with him, she’ll grow, and go from 3 1/2 feet high to 5 1/2 feet high…and that is THE BEST.  I watched that happen with my daughters…WOW.  Words fail me…and you know that doesn’t hapen often.

Here we are, dancing with Angie’s kids – Alicia’s kids – Becky’s kids – Mike’s daughter – and Lady Di’s grandson!  Even our waitress Ashley joined in.  Bring the kids in your life next month and show them what FUN is all about!  Family Days is the first Sunday of every month from 2 – 5:30.

I’m off!  Classes resume TONIGHT with Couples NIGHTCLUB (slow dancing – with actual steps, not just belt buckle polishing) at the Wheaton Leisure Center at 6:45.  Line dance lessons resume at the Ranch tomorrow night, and all the other line & couples scheduled classes are running; I’m not the only one realizing I need to “up” my activity level and get rid of these pounds before they get too comfortable on me.  It’s funny, but the pattern I’ve seen over the last few years is that a lot of people continue dancing who start around this time.  They get hooked and “catch the bug”.  It’s like they realize this is more fun than they thought it was!  So for those of you who stuck your toe in and tried this…and then stopped…there’s no better time than NOW to jump back in.  The water’s warm!!

See you on the dance floor,

Janet Kruse

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