NEWSFLASH>>>>>>Life is Rough!!!!

Sometimes overwhelmingly so.  I've been struggling lately, and have gone back to my roots to figure things out.  I also go to the people around me for encouragement, and I've been unbelievably blessed with the presence of all of YOU!!  Especially, lately, the residents from the Holmstad Retirement Center, where I teach on Thursday mornings.  Take a moment to meet them!  In the picture above, that's (L-R) Mary Ellen, Jamie, Karen, Linda, Dorothy, & John (Chuck is not pictured).  The seven of them will be dancing three dances in a recital at the Holmstad on April 29th on a stage about 8' deep by 16' wide.  They are very nervous…with good cause!  Could YOU dance Wonderland Waltzcomfortably on a stage that size, with that many people near you?  It's gonna be tricky.  They are taking deep breaths, SMALL STEPS, and a huge dose of faith to make this work.  And they are between the ages of 68-91!!!  They've earned the right to long NAPS, not big cases of nerves!  Yet they are choosing to make this work, for the love of their hobby, dancing.  When I witnessed both their concerns and courage yesterday, I was humbled…and pumped up!  How's THAT for inspirational?  If they can do it, so can we all!!!

Let's all get out of our comfort zones and try something new.  Jeff & I will be hosting TWO dances this Sunday, March 9th, at the Warrenville Park District Community Center (3S240 Warren Ave, Warrenville):

  • Dance With Your Kids from 3-5:30 pm, a kid's party with easy dances, games & lessons by Yours Truly.  What a great way to introduce the under 21 group to dancing!  We'll be primarily dancing lines, but of course couples are always welcome to do their thing.  Snacks will be provided and soft drinks & water will be for sale for $1 each ($5 admission)
  • Sunday Nite Country from 6-9 pm, which will follow the format of the Sunday Stampede from Cadillac Ranch.  We'll alternate sets between classic lines & couples.  An all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, & dessert meal will be included with your $10 admission; soft drinks & water will be for sale for $1 each
Also, Couples' Patterns 1 resumes this Monday night in Wheaton (call 630-665-4710 to register) at 7:45 pm.  If you want to brush up on your Stationary Cha Cha, Barnyard Mixer, Cha Cha Del Rio, Shadow, or Schottische, this is the class to take!

So, now you know "it all".  When I struggle, I take action to make things better.  And I go to YOU.  Where do YOU go?

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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