Rob recently posted this picture from the Country Cruisers‘ 2014 performance in Washington, D.C. before our competition.  Ah, what memories!!  It was such a kick to set up the video camera and dance our number in front of the Lincoln Memorial, with the Washington Monument in the background (portable speakers are so handy).  We had some UNFORGETTABLE times travelling together!!  Do you recognize everyone?  L-R is Cathy, Kat, Janet, Rob, Betsy, and Dan.  Yes, the gal second from the left is my younger daughter, who danced John’s part and partnered Cathy.  When we were short a member, she jumped in and learned the routine, and helped me lead the team as well.  I am so grateful to her for her help during an extremely challenging time in my life.  

I was out of town in Indianapolis this past Friday to watch Katie compete in Country Couples dancing with her handsome honey, Eli.  I’ve missed too many of their competitions and am working on getting my priorities straight.  I’m trying to improve my relationship with both my daughters.  Thank you for understanding; they are more important to me than anyone.  Katie’s competition was supposed to be on Sunday, so I intended to be at the Tequila Roadhouse dance on Friday, but it got moved to Friday night. And as most of you know, she and Eli WON FIRST PLACE OVERALL!!!!  Their performances were absolutely breathtaking, and I posted the first minute or so of each of them on my Dance With Janet Facebook page.  Grab some popcorn and take a look!!  Special thanks go to Cathy for leading the beginner dancers at the Roadhouse and to DJ Jeff for MC’ing.  Thanks for dancing and having fun!  I’ll be back hosting this Tuesday’s dance at the Wheaton VFW from 7-10 pm.

As you may have noticed, I am not dragging step sheets with me as much as I used to. We simply have too many dances to bring all the paperwork. I have taught over 430 line dances over the last eleven years, and although a lot of them have died, we still work off a list of almost 200 dances which we DO dance.  Since different ones get requested each dance night, it’s simply not possible to lug around all the step sheets for people to take. I do have videos of ALL my lessons for all these dances – as well as step sheets – online, for your convenience. You can download and print whichever step sheets you like. This service is available as a yearly subscription and is heavily discounted to people who are taking classes with me.  Visit (look for Online Lessons) to take advantage of this opportunity.  Even at full price, it’s less than 23 cents per lesson!  Such a deal!!

Also, the Members Only online pages are currently under construction.  Courtney is working on consolidating all 3 levels/pages into one, which will simplify your search for dances.  This project is targeted for completion by Labor Day; please be patient.  If Courtney is ever crabby this summer, you’ll know why.

Our last parade is this Wednesday, July 3rd, in Warrenville.  Call time is 5:30 and we meet at the intersection of Ray & Manning (about a block southwest of the Warrenville Library).  Bonnie has invited us to her new home for the After Party.  Grab your DWJ shirt and BLUE DENIM BOTTOMS and come dance!  This parade has a real homey feel; we walk through a residential area and thousands of people line the streets almost within arms’ reach!  Instructional videos for the dances we will do can be found at

Although a few classes are on hiatus this summer, most are running, so I look forward to still seeing you!  If you miss a class, feel free to make it up at any other class – you’ll enjoy meeting new people who know the same dances you do!  Or surprise yourself with a couples dance class; we usually have an extra person or two.  The full list of times & locations are at

I’ll see you in boots, on the dance floor!