I've been guilty of staying in my own bubble for most of my life. I pay attention to my home, my family, and my work.  I'm content dealing with those areas. I'm not the only one who does this; everyone has a bubble, even though life is much bigger.
Long ago I noticed all the news in life is negative.  I gave up watching it as I realized people talk about events, and I'd hear about anything important.  That has proven to be true.  I've become even more convinced that media is manipulated and we are only told things to get us agitated and upset. I'm not saying that none of the things being reported are true. Of course there is cause for concern when injustices occur.  I am saying only one side of the story seems to be presented, in multiple areas.  As Paul Harvey says, there is always more to the story.
Everyone is an individual and so has an opinion about "it", no matter what "it" is. We're all different and our brains work differently. We are never going to agree; it's impossible. I believe to live and let live and accept others' opinions, even if I don't agree with them, and not argue.
I've made a point to stay away from inflammatory issues, especially on my Facebook page, because I think people (including myself) need a place to just go and "veg" and be happy. I know social media is used by countless people as a platform on which to speak for or against issues that are meaningful to them. I've chosen not to as a general thing, and here's why:
I believe and understand that I'm never going to get everyone to see my point of view. I have simply chosen not to. I understand that everyone is going to believe what they're going to believe and I'm entitled to my own opinion just like everyone else is.  That said, when I feel strongly about something I will speak out for or against it, keeping those parameters in mind. Truth is truth, and right or wrong do still exist, and those are "deal breakers".  Regarding the issues that have been forefront in our society recently, I'm still in the process of researching.  Even if I do come to a specific opinion, I'm not sure I would share it, because someone else may have done just as much research and come to a different conclusion, and both are valid. Do both deserve to be shared? Perhaps, and perhaps not.
I still feel motivated to encourage people and be very vocal in my belief in them. If more people believed in themselves and others and acted positively, and encouraged others to do the same, the world would be a better place. That's why I focus my posts in that direction.  If we all "mind our own stores", so to speak, starting with our own emotional stability, the foundation of our society will be strengthened.  All our problems wouldn't disappear, but they would improve
It starts with God, though, so I continue to pray.  Please, do the same.

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