For the first time in my life, I saw a movie on opening night, in the front row – AVENGERS: ENDGAME.  I continued seeing it the next FOUR weekends in a row – and need to see it again before it disappears from the theaters.  That’s unprecedented!!  Boy, that movie captivated me.  Has it only been six weeks, since April 26th?  I’m amazed at how I’ve been affected!!

Every emotion I had was triggered during the three hours in that theater, it seemed.  The characters dealt with so many issues that resonated with me, and yet the main one was commitment.  In scene after scene, I watched people wrestle with how important their fellow man was to them, and what they were willing to do about it, without compromising their own core beliefs.  How applicable, no matter the venue – real life, or the movies.  What will you do for the ones you love, and yet be true to yourself?  That’s life, actually!!

Go see the movie, and soon – but only if you’ve seen the others in the Marvel series.  It will make no sense if you don’t know all the characters’ backstories.  If you do know the 10-year history, you will appreciate this masterpiece.  It’s not only about superheroes in space, it’s about people living with and loving (or not!) others.

How ENDGAME has inspired events in Dance With Janet:

1) In keeping with my vision of sharing dancing with everyone, I’ve decided to take the plunge and run a dance 5 hours away – in Ephraim, WI, in the heart of Door County.  It’ll be a BRIDGE dance on steroids, since this is a tourist town and people won’t know country dancing, as a rule.  The local dance group withdrew from this area years ago, so NOTHING has been offered.  The dance will be on FRIDAY, JULY 19th at the Ephraim Village Hall on Route 42; more details will follow.  I’ll create a FB event soon and post updates there.  If you’d like to join me, let me know; about 10 people are already planning on it and have booked rooms in various locations.  Kathy and Peggy – HERE WE COME!!!!!  We’re also performing at the West Chicago Pool TOMORROW – all the info is at 

2)  I’ll be dancing at Lucky Star TONIGHT, June 8, in my purple DWJ shirt!  DJ Dave says he calls lines and couples from 7-10 pm.  I have so many memories there from when it was Cadillac Ranch…I started dancing there in 1999, and taught line dancing from 2010 – 2016.  It’s time to return to my roots and face the music…literally.  Shall we dance?

3) Word has effectively spread about the 2020 DWJ Cruise: our original room block is SOLD OUT!!  It’s a first to run out of rooms 8&1/2 months before sailing – and also a first to have only half the attendees calling Illinois home!  The other half hail from:  Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, AND Quebec, Canada (gee, who could that be???!!!).  WOW!!!

Harlan has secured another limited block of rooms at a significantly reduced group rate, even though these prices are higher than our original set.  They’re about $100/day, which includes your lodging AND food AND ports of call.  It’s still a deal; where could you get that on land??  Visit for the exact numbers.

I continue to be committed to bring you the best in line dance instruction (with a couples class solidly running every Thursday at 7:30 at the Wheaton Community Center, 1777 S. Blanchard Rd., in room 201 – we’re two-stepping for the next few weeks).  See to find a class near you (some are on hiatus during the summer)!!