Good Morning! 

This week I’m debuting a 90 minute BEGINNER dance on Thursday!  The 2-hour dance on Friday will heavier on the Intermediate side.  The playlists follow, below.

Saturday we’ll be Line Dancing at the Winery – our first dance out in months!  We’ll be on the patio eating pizza and drinking wine; I can’t wait – it’s only supposed to be 66 degrees!  Talk about perfect.  Attendance is limited; please visit (how lovely to use that page again!!) for details.

I have rescheduled my Instructor Training class to June 27 & June 28.  Time to prepare for the return to in-person classes!! If you are interested in attending, please register at  I only have room for ONE MORE person.

– Hanover Park’s Beginner 2 Class from 2:00 – 3:00 pm CST, FREE(visit, Departments, Life Enrichment, Virtual Program Opportunities)

– Intermediate Class from 7:00 – 8:30 pm CST, $8 (Recording Provided)

  1. Can’t Blame It On The Booze by Rob Holley (reviewed, danced twice)
  2. Time Is Love by Phil Ashcroft & Roz Chaplin (reviewed, danced twice)
  3. Hypnotized Cha by Simon Ward (reviewed, danced twice) 
  4. Shot of Tequila by Fred Whitehouse (reviewed, danced twice)
  5. Sippin’ & Tippin’ by Craig Miyamoto & AJ Meyer (reviewed, danced twice)
  6. Stitches by Amy Glass-Bailey (reviewed, danced twice)  

– Beginner 1 & Beginner 2 Line Dancing from 7:00 – 8:30 pm CST, All dances run through once, $8 (Recording Provided)

  1. Overcomer by Donna Manning
  2. Shotgun Jenny by Kathy Kelly Brown
  3. Mustang Sally by Bill Bader
  4. Come Dance With Me by Jo Thompson-Szymanski
  5. K Step Boogie by Jo Thompson-Szymanski
  6. Senorita La La La by Julia Wetzel
  7. Tricky Tricky by Unknown
  8. Rockin’ by Anita McNab
  9. A Little Sweet by Dan Albro
  10. Goin’ Hamm (Crank It Up) by Trevor Thonton
  11. Country As Can Be by Suzanne Wilson
  12. Blue Night Cha by Kim Ray
  13. Shut Up & Dance by Lynn Card
  14. I’m Yours by Pam & Eagle Lindsey
  15. I Love A Rainy Night by Iris M. Mooney
  16. Cut A Rug by Jo Thompson-Szymanski
  17. Back on Texas Time by Gail Dawson

FRIDAY 6/12:
– Blended Levels Line Dancing from 7:00 – 9:00 pm CST, All dances run through once, $10 (Recording Provided)

  1. Good Morning by Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Machelle Cook Holloway
  2. Sangria (Hold On To) by Rosie Multari
  3. Half Past Tipsy by Maddison Glover
  4. Sippin’ & Tippin’ by Craig Miyamoto & AJ Meyer
  5. Hootenanny by John Robinson
  6. Sittin’ Pretty by Craig Miyamoto
  7. Drink In My Hand by Sandy Goodman
  8. Play That Sax by Michael Metzger
  9. Sun Daze by Donna Manning
  10. Uno Dos Tres by Sherry McClure
  11. Shot of Tequila by Fred Whitehouse
  12. Can’t Stop The Dance by Lynn Card
  13. Flatt Out Dance by Bracken Ellis, Junior Willis, & John Robinson
  14. Honey I’m Good by Lynn Card
  15. Jukebox by Jo Thompson-Szymanski
  16. Greater Than Me by Maggie Gallagher
  17. What Makes You Country by Rob Holley
  18. Better When I’m Dancing by Julia Wetzel
  19. Key Lime Pie by Barry Durand
  20. Walk The Line by Sandy Larkins
  21. I’m Free by Jill Babinec, Roy Verdonk, & Raymond Sarlemijn
  22. Four On The Floor by Matt Thompson & Mishi Ziminski
  23. My Lady Soul by Karl-Harry Winson
  24. Waltz Across Texas by Lois & John Nielson
  25. Overcomer by Donna Manning

As always, registration is accepted until 5 p.m. the day of the virtual  event at  You liked the $80 pass so well last month that it’s available again online for any virtual June event (except Beginner 1 classes). 

See you on the OUTDOOR dance floor!

Love ya!