Happy Rainy Tuesday! Don’t you just love this Chicago weather? When I was a kid, we’d be up to our knees in snow by now. Last night I fell asleep to a thunderstorm – and it hasn’t really stopped raining since! My kitchen floor is full of muddy pawprints from the dogs; who can keep up with all this mud? I’ll resume mopping in February. At least it’s not boring!

I received this email recently and had to share it with you – it just might remind you of someone you know:

“Here I am in the kitchen at 6:30 AM, barely awake, making coffee & breakfast, the dog eagerly watching with hopes of a fallen scrap – when Karmin’s “Brokenhearted” [song] starts up on the radio… I CANNOT HELP but bust into the new moves I learned at the Ranch last night… Kitchen turned nightclub, woohoo! Now I’m awake & smiling, feeling confident that I REMEMBERED what I learned and just a little more ready for the day… oh, and the dog is totally baffled as to what the heck just happened here!! LOL

I know you get these a lot but thank you Janet for all you do. You keep me motivated to get off the sofa, outta the house and learning new things!

Keep it up & thank you!!
Desiree (and confused puppy, Harley)”

Is that the happiest story of the week or what? It’s my goal to get you dancing, encourage you to truly try this new hobby, and CHEER YOU ON when you dance the night away!!! And if you decide you love it and apply for your Certified Danceaholic papers, all the better – call me over and I will happily witness them. So YAY Desiree, and HOORAY to all of you who are getting on your feet and DANCING!!

See you on the dance floor – like, TONIGHT!

Janet Kruse

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