The weekend is approaching…and you all know that means the dance floor is about ready to heat up.  That certainly can be stressful in itself – but remember that everyone is working on their own dancing, and not evaluating you and yours.  Experienced dancers know what it’s like to be brand new, and every night I see their graciousness with newbies.  This truly is an accepting community of kind, like-minded people.  Yet people do generate problems…so how should we deal with them?

Each venue has its staff, and they are there to ensure a pleasant evening for everyone.  Should a stressful situation arise involving a fellow dancer – and by that I mean the unusual situation of rudeness, harrassment, or possible danger to yourself, NOT you sneezing at the cologne of the person at the next table – NOTIFY THE VENUE’S STAFF!  It is their job to take care of you – so let them.  It’s your job to have a good time and dance, not police people’s behavior.  Sometimes…we all need someone to intervene.

Of course, I always advocate dancing your stresses away…so along that line, below are a few items to note:

  • The Friday Salvation Army class will meet at noon on March 22nd (tomorrow) and WILL NOT MEET ON GOOD FRIDAY. Classes will resume on April 5th.
  • I will be teaching All You Need Is Me (intermediate line dance) & Sweet Revenge (intermediate partner pattern dance) at the Coyote Moon Dancers event this Saturday.  If you are free on Saturday, come spend the day learning those and lots of other cool dances at this one-day workshop!  Open dancing follows in the evening from 7 – 10 pm.  Click here to access the flier.
  • Couples’ Pattern Dances debuts in Wheaton Monday April 1st! We’ve had a lot of requests for pattern dances; we’ll be covering Barnyard Mixer, Shadow, Stationary Cha Cha, Schottische, Cha Cha Del Rio, and El Paso Stroll. We look forward to seeing you there.
  • Wednesday’s Wheaton classes are still going strong – what a great group of people!  It warms my heart to see & hear about them dancing all over the Chicagoland area.  This session of classes will be ending next week on March 27th; please register now for the new session starting April 3rd.  The beginners’ class is half full already!  Due to popular demand, I’ll be adding an INTERMEDIATE ONE class in the fall to help with those who are ready for the next step…thanks for your support!
  • Just Play in Carol Stream has invited us to once again strut our stuff at their event.  We are scheduled for a half hour dance performance at 1:30 on Saturday, May 18; you are all welcome to dance!  I’ll post a playlist soon; just show up and dance the dances you know, and fan yourself during the dances you don’t.  The last two years we did this, temperatures were in the mid NINETIES…look out for a three-peat!  I’ll take you all out to Culver’s for ice cream afterwards, so we can cool down.  We’ll need it!

That’s all she wrote, for now…I’ll see you soon, on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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